Hear Now the Words!

This is in the nature of an experiment, albeit a protracted one.

Having come up with the idea of “live–action audiobooks”, or live–streaming myself reading, I realized that the recordings I was making in the process could be edited & sent out later as audio transmissions.  aNONradio seemed like an ideal venue for this, in no small part because of its archive feature.

This is, then, a long–form spoken-word program, consisting mostly of my reading of classic science–fiction novels.  I hope you enjoy!

  • aNONradio timeslot :  15h UTC, Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Streaming on Toobnix : planned for 2200 UTC Sundays, ending with a call–in period during aNONradio OpenVoIP (listen for announcements)
  • PayPal : encourage the storyteller by leaving a tip
  • Patreon campaign :  tip the storyteller on a recurring monthly basis, and receive rewards — at the lowest tier, $1/month, you can download the individual story chapters (some free samples are available here)
  • Twitch streaming :  discontinued now that Toobnix is working
Major works read so far :
Shorter works read so far (as fillers, et cetera) :
  • Citadel of Lost Ships, Leigh Brackett (shows 002, 004, 005, 007, 014, 015, 018)
  • Shambleau, C.L. Moore (shows 038, 039)
  • Lorelei of the Red Mists, Leigh Brackett and Ray Bradbury (shows 040, 041, 042)
  • The Blind Spot, Austin Hall and Homer Eon Flint ― this is actually a full novel, but I have read only the first 10 000 words so far (show 060)
  • Columbus Was a Dope by Robert A Heinlein ― perhaps his shortest story, and I did not seek the permission of his literary estate before reading it, but I don’t think they’re going to be too harsh to me. Live and unedited here.
  • A Sherlock of the Skies (1912) by Rene Mansfield ― live and unedited (with illustrations and re–typed text) here.
  • The Flying Scarab and the Seventh Heaven (1911) by the same Mansfield, here.
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