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Silhouette Shack #5 – Gordon Raphael

Silhouette Shack #5 – Gordon Raphael

000102:Super700:When Hare and Fox Had Fun:Turned To Loud

000445:Super700:When Hare and Fox Had Fun:Gill

001025:Husky Stash:seven inch single:Rockabilly

001214:Husky Stash:seven inch single:Is It Love

001535:Quarks:Quarksland:Du Entkommst Mir Nicht

001932:Sarah Maguire:Gordotronic Website Archives:I Said

002353:sissimetall:Gordotronic Website Archives:Automatic

002943:Mamasweed:Electric Zeppelin:Mrs. Nice

003231:Kitty Solaris:My Home Is My Disco:Cold Season

003604:Gordon Raphael:I Lick The Moog:Country

004010:Gordon Raphael:I Lick the Moog:Never Shoulda Started

004335:Susie van der Meer:Eyes On Me:Found You

004754:Susie van der Meer:Somebody has To Pay

005202:Gordon Raphael:Gordotronic Website Archives:Better Bat Wings

005659:El Hula:Violent Love:Arena Of My Soul (Team Remix)

MTT 186 / Breathe Life

An electro, IDM, and ambient grab-bag, all at around 120. New(ish) tracks from Pearson Sound and Scape One plus some old favorites.

This show can be downloaded from aNONradio’s archives here:, and streamed at mixcloud here:


  1. Mrs Jynx / Dinner Dance 00:00
  2. Space Dimension Controller / VCOcation 04:24
  3. Shadowbunny / Feathers 06:20
  4. Dark Vektor / Cyan 09:51
  5. Scape One / Hyperbolix 14:07
  6. Lego Feet / Untitled [Part 2 Track 5] 17:20
  7. Amorphous Androgynous / Fat Cat 21:47
  8. Kaiowa / Aliensex 25:22
  9. Midnight Star / Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix) 28:29
  10. Ivna Ji / Laax 32:59
  11. Voigt Kampff / Question 36:22
  12. DMX Krew / The Storm King 39:35
  13. Pearson Sound / Everything Is Inside Out 43:04
  14. Dagobert / Bionic Two 47:20
  15. Azure Taint / Bergluft 50:08
  16. SMX / Sleep 53:19
  17. Jega / Inertia 57:17

Scape One‘s Hyperbolix is (relatively) new, released in February on the album Cosmic Trax through Mr. Baggaley’s bandcamp. I played the first track off it a couple months ago, one of the Jive Rhythm Trax tributes. Hyperbolix is more moody than those tributes, more in line with what the album sounds like as a whole.

The other new song this week is Pearson Sound‘s Everything Is Inside Out from his Alien Mode EP. I played the A side of this two weeks ago, and am really glad to get to this track (B2) now. It’s a genre-bending piece, as much techno or breaks or IDM as it is anything else. The kicks are arranged in the same pattern as the second half of the Numbers rhythm, there’s no snare or strong accent on 2, I dunno, it’s weird. And weird in this case is good.

There’s lots more to recommend here: Shadowbunny is awesome, Ivna Ji’s Laax EP is one of my favorite things of the last couple of years, even an old semi-forgotten tracker mod in Aliensex by Kaiowa. But I feel like moving on. I’ll be back next week with something slower, as usual.

Silhouette Shack #4 – Gordon Raphael

Silhouette Shack #4

000033:The Violet Caste:INK(Cassette):Stay With It

000419:Chinas Comidas:7 inch single:Lover Lover

000709:Clone:7 inch single:Jacuzzi Fluzzie

001017:MYNDE:Odyssey:Waiting For The Sun

001603:The Telepaths:7 inch single:Must I Perform

002154:Colour Twigs:Colour Twigs: Experimental Sex In Space

002435:Room Nine:Voices…… Of A Summers Day:Circus Floor

002915:Sly Cries Mary:Exit At The Axis:Cornerman

003511:Rick Sabo:7 inch single:Three

003741:Maudlin:unreleased song:Lay Me Flowers

004207:The Wasters:The Wasters:All Messed Up

004633:AKE:AKE cassette:I Can’t Feel The Fire

005112:Satellites:The Cave and the Limehouse:Torna

005611:Johanna Amelie:Distance:Lion Babe

DJ Zeptar update

hey whats up its dj-zep with you wanting you to know that my show is back in full swing every week on Weds at 20:00 UTC for an exhilirating 3hrs of aNONradio!

i am sorry my show has been off air as i was having connection issues and broadcast software issues that are now fixed.

in the meantime when my show wasnt on the air i have been working on my blog, juggalobook and thinking about trying to gather a list of all the stuff i have put out *which im working on*

k so now on null`s favorite show i recieved mail in form of tty not messages to join ‘pcom’ which is party com on super dimension fortress.

the show didnt get archived last week. pretty sure it was because i tried loading a 1.75 GB mp3 in the deck and caused too much silence.

next week we are looking for more hiphop and some variety like usual.

see u next weds 20:00 UTC on =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Zeptar – The Zeptar Show

1 <3

Dally Rhythms – 2020.09.13


  • Mr. Ks – Making Beats, G major, 123 bpm
  • Dake- From The Hill featuring Lazarusman (Original mix), F minor, 120 bpm
  • Gorkiz – Ben (Original Mix), G major, 124 bpm
  • Dan Lypher – Don’t Stop Bitches (Original Mix), F minor, 121 bpm
  • Max Chapman – Freaks Come Out (Original Mix), F minor, 124 bpm
  • Paride Saraceni – Liberty (Original Mix), Gb minor, 126 bpm
  • Dale Howard – C’mon, Gb minor, 124 bpm
  • Mylene Farmer – Fuck Them All (Sako Isoyan Remix), Db minor, 116 bpm
  • Bahlzack – My Rest (Original Mix), A minor, 120 bpm
  • Jan Blomqvist – Big Jet Plane (Animal Trainer Remix), E minor, 122 bpm
  • Abramovsky – Fade Away (Original Mix), E minor, 118 bpm
  • Couture – Afterglow featuring Rachelle (Eelke Kleijn Remix), Bb minor, 125 bpm

Available for download in the archives.

MTT 185 / Like Shadows

Electro, IDM, and one odd breaks track, all at around 128. A little cryptic, distant, faded.

This show can be heard it aNONradio’s archives here:, and at mixcloud here:


  1. Obergman / Synchronicity 00:00
  2. Holger Flinsch / Abak 01:35
  3. Metamatics / Liquid Gel 04:00
  4. Creta Kano / Skyway Motel 07:48
  5. Legowelt / Shadows In The Street Life 11:37
  6. Transparent Sound / What Goes On? 16:18
  7. VC-118A / Protocol 20:48
  8. Low Orbit Satellite / Hostile Manoeuvres 23:07
  9. Lok44 / Flaix 28:07
  10. Anthony Rother / Medium 31:22
  11. Electroberlin / The End 37:07
  12. Silicon Scally / Coast To Coast 39:22
  13. Jon Convex / Radar 44:37
  14. Rude 66 / Overkill (Vocoder Mix) 48:46
  15. Identity Unknown / Wasp 47 52:25
  16. Plastikman / Mind In Rewind 55:27

The marquee track of this selection is without a doubt Legowelt‘s Shadows In The Street Life from his album Pancakes With Mist. I’ve been waiting to play it for a month or more now. An electro anthem, the kind I find only every few years. Mixes well with Skyway Motel, too, which is pretty cool.

Another thing to mention is that Rude 66’s classic Overkill is playing at -6% in this mix. On second listen it sounds a bit off, a bit wrong, though to some extent that was my intention. Maybe it would have been better a little slower. Check the link above to hear Overkill at its original speed if you’re unfamiliar with it.

I’m happy with this. We’ve been having a, ah, weather event where I am in Oregon and the music choices this hour reflect that. The performance could be better, there are some annoying unfinished edges in the mix, but I’m always going to say that. Oh, and my little vocal intro wasn’t archived correctly, but that’s OK.

I’ll be back next week with something slower.

Silhouette Shack #3 – Gordon Raphael

Silhouette Shack #3 w/ Gordon Raphael

000038:Rollers Of Bedlam:Bedlam City EP:Sheila

000324:Red Martian: Ghost Into The Fog:WONT

000812:Miss Machine:Miss Machine:Mary

001131:Gordon Raphael:Im Sinne Des Erfinders:Track Mind (NYC Version)

001458:Gordon Raphael:Im Sinne Des Erfinders:Fuppeduck Drums 2000

002034:FrankZappa&The Mothers Of Invention: We’re Only In It For The Money:Are You Hung Up?

002158:FrankZappa&The Mothers Of Invention: We’re Only In It For The Money: Who Needs The Peace Corps?

002446:Iron Butterfly:Ball:Soul Experience

002748:Gary Numan/Tubeway Army:Replicas:Me I Disconnect From You

003116:Kraftwerk:The Mix:The Robots

003445:Gordon Raphael:I Lick The Moog:Robot Pure

003641:Anna Erickson:Unreleased Gem:CRAZY

004133:Anna Doležalová:Various Youtube:Whatever

004744:Gordon Raphael:Various Youtube:Crazy Ballerina

004820:Gordon Raphael:Ars Divina Archive:Crazy Bongos

005042:Johnny Strahm/Johnny Rocker:unreleased album:Crazy World

005439:Gordon Raphael:live in studio:Arp Odyssey laughters

005511:The Queen Of War:unreleased album:New Machine

005826:Gordon Raphael:Substitute Music:Sub Mutant (Variant 1)

005918:Gordon Raphael:Ars Divina Archive:Ah-Ya