ASFO 2023–11–18

Loscon 49, here I come! Sample copies of blast will be available, as will convention ribbons ― and Patreon supporters will receive mail from LA according to my usual custom. (I guess I forgot to do that from Winnipeg.) Also, the controversy between Nuklearia and the Umweltbundesamt, and a mention of bad reasoning on the part of opponents of atomic power. (Shocking, I know.) Not the most hard hitting or incisive episode of the year, mostly updates on what is going on with me, and the usual appeal for money so I can keep doing the weird things I do.

Two commemorative philatelic covers, for the set of stamps released 21 May 1981. Each is mounted on a card published by Readers' Digest. One refers to solar astronomy and carries the title "The Great Nuclear Furnace", while the other refers to planetary astronomy and carries the title "Visions of the Universe".

ASFO 2023–11–11

Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, the feast of Saint Martin of Tours ― whatever you call it, this is a day to demand of the members of the United Nations, and especially the Permanent Members of the Security Council, that they honour their solemn obligation, freely entered into, to seek and keep peace in this world. Unfortunately, I spent my time slot driving back from the stamp show (where I bought a bunch of postage), instead of doing a broadcast, so I had to do it later. For your delectation, I have a new film transfer.

Title card from a film, badly faded to pink. Text is "The Magic of the Atom".
Title card for the Handel Films “Magic of the Atom” series

ASFO 2023–11–04

My bold new proposal to solve the American housing crisis! Also, treating the deficiencies of medical practice with Ozempic? a consideration of the true meaning of “Atoms for Peace”, cheering news from Sweden, talk about decarbonization versus the reality of on–going oil rushes and the sublime certainties of climate campaigners, demolished wind installations and the tertium quid, words of wisdom from 1955 Britain, and Loscon.

ASFO 2023–10–28

I live! And I am once again contemplating the distribution of printed matter, in the form of a “zine” which I am calling blast. So most of this episode is a description of past activities in this field and what I hope to achieve this time, a solicitation for contributions of material to print and financial support, and an excerpt of something I am writing and will hopefully finish.