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Dally Rhythms – 2020.07.12


  • Miguel Verdolva – O Superman (Francesco Rossi Remix), F major, 123 bpm
  • Johnnydangerous – Callin You Lord featuring Kenny Bobien (Yass Main Mix), F major, 123 bpm
  • Grace In Space – Levitation (Escenda Remix), C minor, 122 bpm
  • Henry Krinkle – Stay (Bentley Grey Nu Disco Remix), A major, 120 bpm
  • Kris Davis – Bleak (Original Mix), Gb minor, 119 bpm
  • Benotmane – Runnin (Original Mix), Gb minor, 119 bpm
  • Boris Brejcha – Dark Planet (Original Mix), G minor, 125 bpm
  • Oliver Koletzki – After All featuring Nord (Claptone Remix), G minor, 120 bpm
  • Underworld – Crocodile (Oliver Hunteman Dub), G minor, 128 bpm
  • Shosho – La Boutique featuring Amaliya (Original Mix), D minor, 123 bpm
  • Ale Zaccaria – Deep in the Night featuring Max Emili (Alex Gray Edit), D minor, 123 bpm
  • Ference Dee – Way House (Original Mix), D minor, 125 bpm

Available for downloads in the archives.

The Resistance 04 – ИСЧЕЗАЮТ ИЗ КРАСНОГО

The Resistance 04 - Исчезают из красного
The Resistance 04 – Исчезают из красного


Played on aNONradio

• 00z00 UTC Wednesday 8 July
• (5pm PDT /8pm EDT Tue 7 July)

Now is the time to explore the sounds that ended the Soviet Union. Groove to the sounds of 80s Russian synth, thorough industrial and soft-iron hair metal, to 90s hip-hop and millennial post-punk alternative. Come for the glasnost, stay for the COMmunity.

Step in time to the beat and join your COMrades on #sdf COM (and IRC) chat. Join Bronzie Beat and the #aNONradio crew at – You know you wanna!

MTT 175 / Walk After Dark

No strong theme this week, just a selection of ~135 electro and one old breaks track. Features a couple new(ish) tunes by Client_03False PersonaGrammar Of Movemement, and Zobol.

This mix is available in the aNONradio archives here: , and at mixcloud here: .


  1. Zobol / Asymmetry 00:00
  2. Mike Ash / Electro Producer 03:29
  3. Psylocity / Human 07:32
  4. Anthony Rother / Dualis 12:30
  5. Client_03 / Suspect Dispenser 14:52
  6. False Persona / Danger Close 17:36
  7. T.E.S.T. & Excel / Database Code Encryption 21:52
  8. Heuristic Audio / Nocturne 26:22
  9. Warlock / Mala Cara 30:37
  10. Mystic Letter K / Dust 33:55
  11. DVS NME / Chrononaut 37:42
  12. Grammar Of Movement / IOI 41:02
  13. Komarken Electronics / Granular Material 44:21
  14. Juri-Jah / Transfusion 46:57
  15. Low Orbit Satellite / Junkiepilot 49:33
  16. UR / Death Of My Neighborhood 52:57
  17. Drexciya / Antivapor Waves 55:28
  18. The Advent / Gamma Rays 58:02

The new tracks here are Client_03’s Suspect Dispenser, False Persona’s Danger Close (on the excellent Phalanx Pt. 3 comp on Typeless), Grammar Of Movement’s IOI, and Asymmetry by Zobol. All are available at the links above, so if you like what you hear then check out the full release(s).

I’ve done the Nocturne to Mala Cara mix on this show before, back in MTT004. I really like that transition. It’s a holdover from playing vinyl at the arcade, one I like to revisit every now and then. The first couple of Dirty Needles EPs are being slept on, I think. It seems to be a lot of the same crew that were on Rag & Bone. Something to think about.

I’ve got one final note this week: I noticed while collecting links for the tracklist that The Advent has made Light Years Away available on his bandcamp. That’s an exceptional album, one that’s been unavailable digitally until now (as far as I know). The Advent working in Drexciya mode, though still essentially Advent. Gamma Rays is the track off it in this mix (which I sadly talked over).

And that’s all I’ve got. Don’t know what I’ll do next time; I’ll probably continue my pattern of starting fast and getting slower throughout the month.

Бronzie Бeat – Café 80s 02 – East Meets West

Bronzie Beat Café 80s - East Meets West
Streamed on at 00z00 UTC Saturday 4 July 2020
Follow the link above for Tracklist and Timings

Don your army surplus Camo and get ready to take down that wall with the aNONradio party crew.

As the grooves flow, get up close and personal and melt the 80s cold-war ice with the COMies in the Internet’s bunker on #SDF com chat, and other fediversers in IRC channel #anonradio


  1. Introduction – Bronzie Beat
  2. Logo: Back to the Future 2 – Alan Silvertri
  3. Russians – Sting
  4. Dominion / Mother Russia – The Sisters of Mercy
  5. Der Kommisar – Falco
  6. Forever Young – Alphaville
  7. Белая Ночь – Forum
  8. Dancing with Tears in My Eyes – Ultravox
  9. When the Generals Talk Midnight Oil
  10. Ronnie, Talk to Russia – Prince
  11. 99 Luftballons – Nena
  12. Two Tribes – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  13. Major Tom – Peter Schilling
  14. Ты помнишь Москву? – Elektroklub (Электроклуб)
  15. It’s A Mistake – Men At Work
  16. Breathing – Kate Bush
  17. Logo: Back to the Future 2 – Alan Silvertri

MTT 174 / At The Bus Stop

Wandering through some ~90 BPM downtempo, electro, industrial. A few things I’ve been listening to this month.

This mix is available in the aNONradio archives here: , and at mixcloud here: .


  1. Paul Birken / Untitled [HPS12-05 B1] 00:00
  2. Palm Skin Production / Slipper Suite 05:12
  3. RPM / 2000 08:08
  4. Dogon vs. Wee DJs / The Thing On The Doorstep 12:34
  5. Ian o’Brien / Jarrett’s Blues 14:22
  6. Neotropic / Beautiful Pool 20:09
  7. KMFDM / M & F 244 (High And Geil) 23:26
  8. Front Line Assembly / Big Money (Remix) 28:34
  9. Coil / The Hills Are Alive 31:38
  10. Automat / Dark Days 35:37
  11. Kitbuilders / Slyder 39:09
  12. Daniel Savio / Make It Personal 41:24
  13. Secret Frequency Crew / Deep Blue 44:12
  14. Shadowbunny / Lost 48:10
  15. Nitzer Ebb / Come Alive. 52:46
  16. UR / 4 Down 58:23

So, the first thing I forgot in my vocal intro was the title of Paul Birken‘s Waite Park EP, AKA HiPass Music HPS12-05, where the first track of this mix comes from. Birken has a bunch of old releases up at his bandcamp currently listed at name-your-price; if you’re looking for midwest acid, techno, and the occasional chunky beat then I recommend you head over there and flip through his catalog.

Headz (A Soundtrack Of Experimental Beathead Jams) is the second thing I forgot. That’s the title of the famous Mo Wax compilation that both tracks 2 and 3 come from. In my defense I didn’t have the artwork in front of me.

Come Alive by Nitzer Ebb doesn’t really fit here, but I wanted to hear it, so it takes a prime slot at the end of this hour. It’s the one track on the As Is EP I really like, and the pressing sounds good, 12″ at 45 RPM.

I’ll do something quick again next week, probably electro hovering around 135. I’ve got some new tunes to play, so check back if you’re interested in that.

Dally Rhythms – 2020.06.28


  • Electric Bastards – Intuition, 10 minor, 125 bpm
  • Evansy & Alena Koks – Calm Shiny, 10 minor, 125 bpm
  • Exercise One – Debaya (Anja Schneider Remix), 10 minor, 124 bpm
  • Pleasurekraft, Jaceo & Vedic – 313 (Detroit Calling) (Original Mix), 6 minor, 125 bpm
  • Re Dupre – California (Original Mix), 6 minor, 120 bpm
  • Rey & Kjavik – Nightmare (Original Mix), 6 minor, 122 bpm
  • Enrico Sangiuliano – Moon Rocks (Original Mix), 7 minor, 125 bpm
  • Artbat – Closer f_WhoMadeWho (Original Mix), 7 minor, 125 bpm
  • Cristoph – Alone (Original Mix), 7 minor, 124 bpm
  • Riamiwo – Impulsreihe (Original Mix), 12 minor, 127 bpm
  • Alejandro Arroyo – Open Cycle (Andre Sobota Remix), 12 minor, 122 bpm
  • Andrea Fissore – Lights (Original Mix), 12 minor, 122 bpm
  • Kai & Kyle – Don’t Stop feauting Ashley Jana (Doos Remix), 12 major, 121 bpm

Available for download in the archives.

Bronzie Beat – The Resistance – Café 80s

Bronzie Beat - The Resistance 20200627 - café 80s
Played on at UTC 00z00 Saturday 27 June 2020
(5pm PDT/8pm EDT Friday 26 June)

Bronzie Beat put The Resistance on the road to where we don’t need roads, and took a trip to the 80s – Café 80s. Listen now to enjoy an hour of the smooth sounds of 80s Synth Pop – or listen every week on at UTC 00z00 Saturdays. Go social and join the party with the damgudcyberchatters on SDF com and IRC – see

Please see MixCloud Page for Track Timings


  1. Intro – Bronzie Beat
  2. Foreigner – I Want to Know What Love Is
  3. Machinations – No Say In It
  4. Talking Heads – Road To Nowhere
  5. Queen – Radio Ga Ga
  6. Devo – Whip It
  7. Madonna – Burning Up
  8. Men At Work – Down Under
  9. George Michael – I Want Your Sex, Pt 2
  10. Billy Joel – Modern Woman
  11. B-52’s – Roam
  12. Talking Heads – Psycho Killer
  13. The Cars – Tonight She Comes
  14. Huey Lewis & The News – The Power Of Love
  15. Models – King of Kings

Dally Rhythms – 2020.06.21


  • Armin Van Buuren – The Sound Of Goodbye (Dj I-One & Andrey Exx Remix), Eb minor, 120 bpm
  • Lissat & Voltaxx, Andrey Exx, Hot Hotels, Immi – Joe Le Taxi (Original Mix), Eb minor, 120 bpm
  • Alyosha – Sweet People (Sako Isoyan & Mr.Mironica Remix), Eb minor, 122 bpm
  • Edson B, L.O.O.P – Frequency (Original Mix), D minor, 118 bpm
  • Green Velvet – Bigger Than Prince (Jay Lumen Remix), F major, 124 bpm
  • Billie Eilish – Bury a friend (Spirtek Remix), F major, 123 bpm
  • Daniel Avery – Water Jump, A minor, 120 bpm
  • Brendan Mills – I’ve Been Thinking (Original Mix), A minor, 120 bpm
  • Edu Imbernon, Rosina – Ditto (Fairmont Remix), C major, 122 bpm
  • Cevin Fisher – The Message (Sascha Dive’s Downtown Remix), A minor, 127 bpm
  • Carlos Hdez, Rishi K. – Fall Away (Deephope Remix), A minor, 122 bpm
  • Stephan_us – Frammenti (Manna From Sky Remix), Bb minor, 121 bpm
  • Chi Town Hustle – Doin It (Original Mix), Bb minor, 122 bpm
  • Def Mike – Running (Ed Ed Remix), Bb minor, 123 bpm
  • Exhume – Exhume, Bb minor, 122 bpm

Available for download in the archives.

MTT 173 / Invisible Enemy

Electro floating around 120 BPM. More Brokntoys, more TRUST, and an old tune by Überzone to close the show.

Due to a scheduling conflict this show did not air live on aNONradio. It was recorded a few hours later than usual and is available for listening at mixcloud and for download at and


  1. Chameleon / Zero Is My Country 00:00
  2. Pip Williams / ASBO Youth 01:58
  3. Userwave / The Titan 05:20
  4. Psylocity / Lifeway 09:39
  5. Cybotron / R9 11:58
  6. Sbles3plex / Sweet Self Destruction 15:42
  7. E-Control / [B]eat This 19:11
  8. Biepang / Shuttle Arctica 23:47
  9. Morah / Rings Of Saturn 29:28
  10. Luke Eargoggle / Stranger Destiny 33:31
  11. The Exaltics / Compressed Thoughts 37:06
  12. Lok44 / Ghetto Of The Mind 39:56
  13. Scape One / Random Codex 43:08
  14. Shadowbunny / SpigolaScura 44:59
  15. Sigma Algebra / Shin 48:14
  16. Überzone / Botz (Organik) 50:17
  17. Kronos Device / Dead Of Night 56:19

Track #2 ASBO Youth by Pip Williams, track #9 Rings Of Saturn by Morah, and track #10 Stranger Destiny by Luke Eargoggle are all on the label Brokntoys. Track #8 Shuttle Arctica by Biepang and track #12 Ghetto Of The Mind by Lok44 are both from the label TRUST. Strong recommendation for both labels; I keep talking them up, and they keep being awesome.

Three tracks I’ve been meaning to play here for years made it into this selection. First and most obvious is R9 by Cybotron (Got the eyes and ears, totalitarian truth). Second is [B]eat This by E-Control, from Global Survey Phase 2 on Dominance Electricity. I think I’ve played at least half that comp on this program at this point. Third and last is the Organik mix of Botz by Überzone, one of the two big mixes of Botz on that 12″. It’s a little odd that both R9 and Botz ended up in the same set, but I guess that’s my style.

Not too much more to say about this one. I took the show title from a track on Scape One’s Potent Mutagen release for Cultivated Electronics; that track was in this mix for a bit, but got cut for Random Codex.

I’ll be back next week, hopefully live on aNONradio again, with something slower. It feels like a good time to play some chunky, menacing beats.

Bronzie Beat 94.14 – На Заре

Bronzie Beat 94.14 – На Зае
Streamed at 03z00 UTC on aNONradio Open Mic – Tue 16 June 2020

Play List

  1. Intro – Bronzie Beat
  2. На Заре – Alyans
  3. Let’s Hear It For The Boy – Deniece Williams
  4. Beat Dis (12″ Version) – Bomb the Bass
  5. Push It – Salt N Pepa
  6. Word Up! – Cameo
  7. Straight Up (Single Version) – Paula Abdul
  8. Poison Arrow – ABC