Pickwickians Abroad

Dier Treblig Nhoj

This book, published in 1913 (but also dated 1989, in accord with the story) to benefit the International Institute of Shanghai, was the generous gift of well-known leading SDF member smj. The author, alias John Gilbert Reid, was only 14 at the time of publication, & one supposes much of the work was written at least a year or two before that.

My plan is to present one chapter per show of this intriguing work, with something closer to our usual theme rounding out the show.

Cover of the book, Pickwickians Abroad, by Dier Treblig Nhoj, showing the title, name of the author, & emblems of the International Institute of China, alongside an illustration of a pagoda. Black on olive.
The book is 25.5×18.5 cm, 286 pp. The Chinese text is the name of the International Institute ; the seal of the Institute appears immediately to left.


The work is divided into two parts, “The First Thirty Years”, comprising Chapters I―XXX, and “The Second Thirty Years”, Chapters XXXI―XXXV. Chapter titles in the text vary to some extent from those in the table of contents. Numbering as printed is with roman numerals.

  1. Beginnings of Club. Shanghai, Asia
  2. Search for Meteor. Nanziang, Asia
  3. Boat-race. Woosung, Asia
  4. Hunting-trip. Hangchow, Asia
  5. Voyage. England, on-the-wing
  6. London. England, Europe
  7. Edinburgh. Scotland, Europe
  8. Home. Via Siberia, Europe, Asia
  9. Escapades Various. Shanghai, Asia
  10. Across the Pacific. Woosung, San Pedro, Asia, America
  11. Country-life in Dixie. USA, North America
  12. Travel in the Land of the Free. USA, North America
  13. A Great American. USA, North America
  14. New Jersey’s Elizabeth. USA, North America
  15. Smash on the Rails. USA, North America
  16. Pacific Coast Storm. Canada, North America
  17. Joe’s “Funny Man.” USA, North America
  18. Worcestershire. England, Europe
  19. Robbers. Scotland, Europe
  20. Story of a Donkey. England, Europe
  21. Experiences. England, Europe
  22. Travels on the Continent. Europe
  23. An Avalanche. Switzerland, Europe
  24. The Alps, Mr Pickwick’s Dream. The Alps, Europe
  25. A Duel. Lausanne, Europe
  26. The Duel continued. Lausanne, Europe
  27. Madrid. Spain, Europe
  28. Mr Pickwick’s Brother. South Africa
  29. A Modern Siegfried. South Africa
  30. Dr Ladd Thumb’s Discovery. South Africa
  31. Pickwick, CDC, arrives for a Wedding. Shanghai, Asia
  32. Enemies. China, Asia
  33. Battles with Mars. Sudan, Africa
  34. Prince Theodore. Sudan, Africa
  35. A Royal Interview and Auf Wiedersehen. North America and Asia

Readings from Dickens’ “Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club”

  • 2021–12–23 XXVIII, A Good-humoured Christmas Chapter, containing an account of a wedding, and some other sports beside : which although in their way, even as good customs as marriage itself, are not quite so religiously kept up, in these degenerate times
  • 2021–12–27 XXIX, The Story of the Goblins who Stole a Sexton (and) XXX, How the Pickwickians made and cultivated the acquaintance of a couple of nice young men belonging to one of the liberal professions ; how they disported themselves on the ice ; and how their visit came to a conclusion

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