“The Flying Scarab and the Seventh Heaven”

Here we have another story by Rene Mansfield from Popular Electricity magazine. This and “The Sun Victim”, which appeared in The Popular Magazine, are mentioned by Everett Bleiler in Science Fiction : The Early Years ― his comment on this one is “horrible writing”. Possibly I will be able to get my hands on that third story at some future date.

Illustration from the February 1911 POPULAR ELECTRICITY, page 867, showing the characters of Miss Daphne and Mr Mercury, and the aeroplane called the Flying Scarab
“‘Might you be Miss Daphne?’ he asked” (illustration appearing on page 867 in the February number)
Illustration from POPULAR ELECTRICITY magazine, 1911 March, page 981, showing the characters of Miss Daphne and Mr Mercury in a rocky, wooded landscape.
“Good-by, Mr Mercury. Good Luck” (illustration appearing on page 981 of the March number)

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