Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 853 – 2021-12-25


Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 850 – 2021/12/12


Imatran Voima – Techno Slut
Nail – 1987
E.R.P. – Tuga
Drexciya – You Don’t Know
DMX Krew – マネキン (Manekin)
Model 500 – Digital Solutions
Go Nuclear – Techno World (Extended Mix)
MetaComplex – Binary Leak
pangaea – Proxy
Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Simian Mobile Disco Remix; B-side Version)
Depeche Mode – My Little Universe (Boys Noize Remix)
Orbital – Remind
Orbital – Lush 3-2
Para One – Nevrosis
Fukkk Offf – Rave Is King
Lesbians On Ecstasy – Victoria’s Secret

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 849 – 2021/12/11


Arpanet – Event Horizon
Mad Mike & Bass Mekanik – Lunar Bass Beats
Aux 88 – Interface
London Modular Alliance – Remainder
Assembler Code – Mental Escape
EMS – Spyware
Cybotron – Cosmic Cars (Nasty Nero’s Remix)
Underground Resistance – Sweat Electric
Matrixxman – StuxNet II
Schwefelgelb – Wie Die Köpfe
Luca Agnelli – Biosphere (2000 And One Remix)
Orlando Voorn – Gain Upwards (Efdemin Remix) [OUT-ER]
Housemeister – Dinamite
Djedjotronic – Are Friends Electric (Lokier Remix)
Modek – The Brink

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 846 – 2021/11/28


The Jonzun Crew – Space Is The Place
Cli-N-Tel – 2030
Maggotron – Temple Of Boom
The Egyptian Lover – Into The Future
DJ Magic Mike – Drop The Bass
M.C. A.D.E. – Da’ Train
Dynamix II – Atomic Energy
B.O.S.E. – Space Truckin’
Freestyle – It’s Automatic
Debbie Deb – When I Hear Music
MC Shy D – Shake It
95 South – Whoot, There It Is
M.C. Luscious – Boom! There He Is
The Miami Boyz – You Want To Party
Gigolo Tony – It’s The Gigolo
Newcleus – Computer Age (Push The Button)
MC Frosty & Lovin’ C – Radio Activity Rapp

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 841 – 2021/11/13


I-F – Assault On Radical Radio
Luke Eargoggle – Are You Crazy?
The Egyptian Lover – Into The Future
Bruno Binary – Bionic Control
Versalife – Shadow Warrior
Jensen Interceptor – Ufology
Mr. Dé – Up Down
D.I.E. – Programming
plant43 – Sublunar Tides
Cybotron – Cosmic Raindance
Volruptus – Alien People
Arpanet – Infinite Density (Edit)
Gods of Technology – Instruments of Armageddon
Kraftwerk – Numbers (2009 Remaster)
Zeta Reticula – Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (MTRON013)
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 830 – 2021/10/03


Bass Daddy – Turn Up The Bass
M.C.A.D.E. – Bass Mechanic
Arabian Prince – Simple Planet
Dynamix II – Ignition
Mandroid – Anti-Gravity Machines (Aux 88 Remix)
Ola Obergman & Luke Eargoggle – Press Play
Bass Junkie – Program The 808
Huda Hudia – Drop The Bass Now
DJ Laz – Red Alert
Freestyle – Invade The Party
Iceman Ja – Dance Transformer
Miami Bass Warriors – Calle 808 Beats
Afro-Rican – Give It All You Got
Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom
Maggotron – Temple Of Boom
Bass 305 – Sub Culture (Sonic Boom Mix)
Bass Automator – Fiber Optic Quad
J.J. Fad – Supersonic

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 828 – 2021/09/26


Jensen Interceptor – Glide Drexter
Scape One – Ectosphere
Mr Dé – Shake It Baby (Original Mix)
Djedjotronic – LSD
Dopplereffekt – Cellular Phone
Drexciya – Wavejumper
Professor X – StatiX (Instrumental)
Goto80 – i124q
Underground Resistance – Charlie Hotel 155
Hypnolove – Come To My Empire (Arpanet Remix)
Der Zyklus – Elektronisches Zeitecho
Aux 88 – Electro Slaves (TF29)
Newcleus – Teknology
Egyptian Lover – Computer Love (Sweet Dreams)
Quadrant Six – Body Mechanic
Freestyle – Don’t Stop The Rock

MTT 186 / Breathe Life

An electro, IDM, and ambient grab-bag, all at around 120. New(ish) tracks from Pearson Sound and Scape One plus some old favorites.

This show can be downloaded from aNONradio’s archives here:, and streamed at mixcloud here:


  1. Mrs Jynx / Dinner Dance 00:00
  2. Space Dimension Controller / VCOcation 04:24
  3. Shadowbunny / Feathers 06:20
  4. Dark Vektor / Cyan 09:51
  5. Scape One / Hyperbolix 14:07
  6. Lego Feet / Untitled [Part 2 Track 5] 17:20
  7. Amorphous Androgynous / Fat Cat 21:47
  8. Kaiowa / Aliensex 25:22
  9. Midnight Star / Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix) 28:29
  10. Ivna Ji / Laax 32:59
  11. Voigt Kampff / Question 36:22
  12. DMX Krew / The Storm King 39:35
  13. Pearson Sound / Everything Is Inside Out 43:04
  14. Dagobert / Bionic Two 47:20
  15. Azure Taint / Bergluft 50:08
  16. SMX / Sleep 53:19
  17. Jega / Inertia 57:17

Scape One‘s Hyperbolix is (relatively) new, released in February on the album Cosmic Trax through Mr. Baggaley’s bandcamp. I played the first track off it a couple months ago, one of the Jive Rhythm Trax tributes. Hyperbolix is more moody than those tributes, more in line with what the album sounds like as a whole.

The other new song this week is Pearson Sound‘s Everything Is Inside Out from his Alien Mode EP. I played the A side of this two weeks ago, and am really glad to get to this track (B2) now. It’s a genre-bending piece, as much techno or breaks or IDM as it is anything else. The kicks are arranged in the same pattern as the second half of the Numbers rhythm, there’s no snare or strong accent on 2, I dunno, it’s weird. And weird in this case is good.

There’s lots more to recommend here: Shadowbunny is awesome, Ivna Ji’s Laax EP is one of my favorite things of the last couple of years, even an old semi-forgotten tracker mod in Aliensex by Kaiowa. But I feel like moving on. I’ll be back next week with something slower, as usual.

MTT 185 / Like Shadows

Electro, IDM, and one odd breaks track, all at around 128. A little cryptic, distant, faded.

This show can be heard it aNONradio’s archives here:, and at mixcloud here:


  1. Obergman / Synchronicity 00:00
  2. Holger Flinsch / Abak 01:35
  3. Metamatics / Liquid Gel 04:00
  4. Creta Kano / Skyway Motel 07:48
  5. Legowelt / Shadows In The Street Life 11:37
  6. Transparent Sound / What Goes On? 16:18
  7. VC-118A / Protocol 20:48
  8. Low Orbit Satellite / Hostile Manoeuvres 23:07
  9. Lok44 / Flaix 28:07
  10. Anthony Rother / Medium 31:22
  11. Electroberlin / The End 37:07
  12. Silicon Scally / Coast To Coast 39:22
  13. Jon Convex / Radar 44:37
  14. Rude 66 / Overkill (Vocoder Mix) 48:46
  15. Identity Unknown / Wasp 47 52:25
  16. Plastikman / Mind In Rewind 55:27

The marquee track of this selection is without a doubt Legowelt‘s Shadows In The Street Life from his album Pancakes With Mist. I’ve been waiting to play it for a month or more now. An electro anthem, the kind I find only every few years. Mixes well with Skyway Motel, too, which is pretty cool.

Another thing to mention is that Rude 66’s classic Overkill is playing at -6% in this mix. On second listen it sounds a bit off, a bit wrong, though to some extent that was my intention. Maybe it would have been better a little slower. Check the link above to hear Overkill at its original speed if you’re unfamiliar with it.

I’m happy with this. We’ve been having a, ah, weather event where I am in Oregon and the music choices this hour reflect that. The performance could be better, there are some annoying unfinished edges in the mix, but I’m always going to say that. Oh, and my little vocal intro wasn’t archived correctly, but that’s OK.

I’ll be back next week with something slower.

MTT 184 / Not Lost

Breaks, electro, IDM, and a little future garage, all at a bit less than half the tempo of last week’s show. This hour features new(ish) music by Andy Garvey, Client_03, and Pearson Sound.

A recording of this show is available in aNONradio’s archives here:, and at mixcloud here:


  1. Reedale Rise / 4th State 00:00
  2. Sepehr / Thinking Of You 03:53
  3. Silicon Scally / Triggered 08:14
  4. Aloka / Convex 13:14
  5. Client_03 / Personality Converter 16:33
  6. Andy Garvey / Mind Games 20:06
  7. Chris Randall / Stylus 22:35
  8. Azaleh / Revenant 25:39
  9. Sorrow / Up & Down 28:22
  10. Hajimari / Overnight 31:04
  11. Rings Around Saturn / Perfect Crime 33:53
  12. RAC / Instinct 37:39
  13. Ed Chamberlain / Somefind 41:39
  14. Pearson Sound / Alien Mode 45:25
  15. Low Orbit Satellite / Objects In Space 50:28
  16. Bola / Vespers 58:02

The first release I’d like to highlight in this is Pearson Sound‘s Alien Mode EP, released a couple of months ago on the great Hessle Audio. I like the title track Alien Mode a lot, a breaks workout with some fun vocal distortion (timestretching?). It shows up here near the end of the hour. There’s a very good tune on the B-side of the EP too which I’ll probably play in a few weeks.

Immediately after Alien Mode is Low Orbit Satellite‘s Objects In Space from their album Objects In Space. I spent an afternoon about six months ago going through the releases on Low Orbit Satellite’s bandcamp, and I think Objects In Space is my favorite. It’s four strong trancey electro tracks and one ambient dub techno track, very much my thing.

Tracks 7 through 10 form a little future garage segment. I don’t know much about the style and only have a few tracks (most of it sounds like Burial’s Untrue to me) but I enjoy it and it’s fun to play every now and then. Mixing future garage is a challenge, one I haven’t practiced much, so that segment is maybe a little rocky.

That’s all the commentary for #184 I have in me. I’ll be back next week with something slower, returning to my usual trend of reducing tempo through the month.