The Gods of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs

This is the immediate sequel to A Princess of Mars, relating the further adventures of John Carter after his death on Earth.


Chapter List

The book begins with an un-numbered Foreword. For those who wish to follow along, the text of this work is available through Project Gutenberg.

  1. The Plant Men
  2. A Forest Battle
  3. The Chamber of Mystery
  4. Thuvia
  5. Corridors of Peril
  6. The Black Pirates of Barsoom
  7. A Fair Goddess
  8. The Depths of Omean
  9. Issus, Goddess of Life Eternal
  10. The Prison Isle of Shador
  11. When Hell Broke Loose
  12. Doomed to Die
  13. A Break for Liberty
  14. The Eyes in the Dark
  15. Flight and Pursuit
  16. Under Arrest
  17. The Death Sentence
  18. Sola’s Story
  19. Black Despair
  20. The Air Battle
  21. Through Flood and Flame
  22. Victory and Defeat

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