Auf Zwei Planeten

Kurd Lasswitz

First half read 2019-02-03 ; about half of what remained, 2019-02-17, and finished 2019-03-03. (Video livestream recordings are available for two weeks.) This is a long one, for all that it represents an abridged edition. No unabridged version exists in English.


Chapter List

Chapters titles as printed are un-numbered (possibly to avoid confusion, if the abridgement has omitted entire chapters) and all in minuscule type.

  1. The Secret of the Pole
  2. The Inhabitants of Mars
  3. On the Artificial Island
  4. In the Care of the Fairy Queen
  5. New Riddles
  6. The Masters of the Universe
  7. Guests of the Martians
  8. La and Saltner
  9. Martians and Men
  10. The Space Travelers
  11. The Adventure at the South Pole
  12. 6356 Kilometers above the North Pole
  13. Looking at Earth
  14. Plans and Sorrows
  15. The Message of the Martian States
  16. The Freedom of Will
  17. The New Airship
  18. The Son of the Martian
  19. Fast Flight
  20. Isma’s Decision
  21. The Light–dispatch
  22. The English and the Martians
  23. The Battle with the Airship
  24. On Mars
  25. The Sights of Mars
  26. The Earth Museum
  27. Martian Politics
  28. Ideals
  29. The Retrospective
  30. The Martian Economy
  31. Saltner’s Voyage
  32. The Desert Gol
  33. A Dangerous Resting Place
  34. The Martians on Earth
  35. Isma’s Sorrow
  36. The Battle of Portsmouth
  37. The Protectorate over Earth
  38. The Defeated
  39. Torm’s Escape
  40. The Disaster of the Fatherland
  41. The Kultor of the Germans
  42. Isma
  43. The Instructor of Bozen
  44. The Escape into the Mountains
  45. The Air Yacht
  46. City Promenade
  47. A Visit with Isma
  48. The Earth’s Thunderstorm
  49. Fluctuations
  50. At the Observatory
  51. In Extreme Danger
  52. Self–help
  53. The Lost Game
  54. The Solution
  55. The Liberation of Earth
  56. World Peace

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