By Air Express to Venus

or, Captives of a Strange People

Roy Rockwood

Everett Bleiler, in his monumental Science Fiction : The Early Years suggests that the “Great Marvels Series” of juvenile scientific-adventure novels, in which this was the eighth and next–to–last volume, was the first cloth–bound SF series in any language. The first instalment, Through the Air to the North Pole, or, The Wonderful Cruise of the Electric Monarch, appeared in 1906, and this one dates from 1929.

According to Bleiler, publishing magnate Edward Stratemeyer provided the plots to be fleshed out by writers under the Rockwood pseudonym, and for the first six books, the writer can be identified as Howard R Garis, but for this one it is unknown. Several of the other books in the series are available on Project Gutenberg, but not this one. Copyright is Cupples & Leon Co.


A red cloth book cover. The title "By Air Express to Venus" is rendered in a combination of modernistic script ("By" and "to") and block-letter typefaces.
Front cover of the only known edition, Racine (WI), Whitman, 1929


Chapter numbers are given in the text using Roman numerals.

  1. Strange Happenings
  2. The Blue Fire
  3. A Face at the Window
  4. The Woman in Blue
  5. A Wonder Tale
  6. Out in the Storm
  7. The Ships from Venus
  8. The Engine of Gold
  9. The Air Express
  10. Off to Venus
  11. Blasts of Ether
  12. A Strange Attack
  13. Yellow Snow
  14. The Wandering Comet
  15. A Giant Meteor
  16. The Plotters
  17. In Desperate Straits
  18. The Blue Lake
  19. A Queer Greeting
  20. The Red Guards
  21. Wondrous Sights
  22. Like Wild Animals
  23. The Mountain of Fire
  24. The Underground Dungeon
  25. Snakes of Glass
  26. Spiders with Horns
  27. Aboard Once More
  28. The Blast of Fire
  29. The Purple Dust
  30. Back to Earth

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