The Warlord of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs

This further sequel to A Princess of Mars and The Gods of Mars has no preface to explain how the author came into possession of Captain Carter’s story. Rather, it picks up directly where the previous book left off.


Chapter List

For those who wish to read along, the text is available from Project Gutenberg.

  1. On the River Iss
  2. Under the Mountains
  3. The Temple of the Sun
  4. The Secret Tower
  5. On the Kaolian Road
  6. A Hero in Kaol
  7. New Allies
  8. Through the Carrion Caves
  9. With the Yellow Men
  10. In Durance
  11. The Pit of Plenty
  12. “Follow the Rope!”
  13. The Magnet Switch
  14. The Tide of Battle
  15. Rewards
  16. The New Ruler

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