You too can DJ your own show at aNONradio

  • Join the aNONradio mailing list by sending subscribe anonradio-l in an email to majordomo @
  • Post a message to the list introducing yourself, DJ name, show and UTC day/time slot you would like
  • Shows can be live or prerecorded as a scheduled podcast
  • Live streaming format: CBR MP3 / 192kbps / 44.1kHz / icecast2

All genres and formats are welcome, be creative and reliable! Once you have a show scheduled you will receive two aNONradio logins: One for the icecast server and one for this website.  From this website, you can make and edit posts for your show playlists.  When posting show playlists, be sure to publish the post with the same time and date for your show. PRO TIP:  Set your BIO post to have a date in the far future to have it always displayed above your playlist posts.

You can also record up to a 30 second radio spot which will be played at random times of the day to advertise your show.  Upload your MP3 spot anonymously to in the pub/incoming directory. Use the file format djname_spot.mp3.

aNONradio DJs and their show pages

DJ Julius – Shut Up You Freak!
  • DJ Marcus – The News to Me
  • DJ Mentos – The Fresh Maker Show
  • DJ Tisho – Live from Bulgaria
  • Carbon Life Forms
  • Vintage Comp! w/ jazmas
  • The Server Room Show
  • The Dubious Goals Committee
  • Deep Vibes w/ DJ Matt
  • underground deep dark inky sets w/ inky from the tape
  • gektek radio w/ dj gecko
  • Ferahfeza Chronicles w/ oneofvalts
  • The Third Ear w/ tyn
  • kodmin radio
  • Guofu’s copacetic music hour
  • Arocho Show w/ David Arocho
  • SDF Amateur Radio Club
  • Stoke Sauce Radio Show w/ DJ Stokesauce
  • DJ Vole’s Week-End
  • Audio Theatre w/ DJ Harmonica Player
  • Movement Through Thought
  • Hear Now the Words w/ Publius
  • Myocyte w/ Peef
  • The Sound Show w/ mjt
  • Dally Rhythms w/ iiogama
  • DJ Hardmous
  • Something Blue and Mix Remix w/ Hairy Larry
  • perinde ac cadaver a/ gregf
  • Silhouette Shack w/ Gordon Raphael
  • Froggyme’s Fantastic Fantasy
  • The Zeptar Show

    Useful links for DJs

  • technical information for aNONradio DJs
  • meta data / playlist injector – available during your show
  • countdown clock to sync the start and end of your show