“A Sherlock of the Skies”

This brief story combines the detective genre with aviation, as the name would imply, but also with wireless, the other wonder of the age. It is thus science fiction, of a sort at least. It appeared in Popular Electricity magazine, 1912 October, over the name of Rene Mansfield.

Illustration (not credited) for “A Sherlock of the Skies” by Rene Mansfield, from POPULAR ELECTRICITY magazine, 1912 October.
A confrontation between three men, one of whom has apparently just entered through the door on the right, while another is starting up from his chair at the left. The latter, and the third man, whose head and leg are bandaged, have apparently been playing cards on a table in the center.
“Mitchell burst through the door like a catapult” (illustration appearing on page 537)
Uncredited illustration for the story “A Sherlock of the Skies”, by Rene Mansfield, from the 1912 October number of POPULAR ELECTRICITY magazine.
A man is descending from a disintegrating aircraft via a parachute. He is holding himself erect by is arms, in a kind of hoop to which the parachute lines attach.
“I managed to get hold of my parachute and swing loose” (illustration on page 539)

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