A Journey in Other Worlds

Best–selling books written by very wealthy people are usually along the lines of “The Secrets of My Success” ― but this is a space–travel story!

A Romance of the Future

John Jacob Astor IV (1894)

  • HNtW 092 (2021–08–13) : Author’s Preface, Book I Chapters I―IV
  • HNtW 093 (2021–08–17) : Introduction by SM Stirling for a reprint edition (following the main content of the show, which is Chapter II of The Castle of Otranto)
  • HNtW 094 (2021–09–02) Book I, Chapters V―VII


Text is available on Project Gutenberg for those who wish to follow along. Chapter numbers are given in the text in Roman numerals.

Book I

  1. Jupiter
  2. Antecedental
  3. President Bearwarden’s Speech
  4. Prof. Cortlandt’s Historical Sketch of the World in AD 2000
  5. Dr Cortlandt’s History Continued
  6. Far-Reaching Plans
  7. Hard at Work
  8. Good-Bye

Book II

  1. The Last of the Earth
  2. Space and Mars
  3. Heavenly Bodies
  4. Preparing to Alight
  5. Exploration and Excitement
  6. Mastodon and Will-o’-the-Wisp
  7. An Unseen Hunter
  8. Sportsmen’s Reveries
  9. The Honey of Death
  10. Changing Landscapes
  11. A Jovian Niagara
  12. Hills and Valleys
  13. North-Polar Discoveries
  14. The Scene Shifts

Book III

  1. Saturn
  2. The Spirit’s First Visit
  3. Doubts and Philosophy
  4. A Providential Intervention
  5. Ayrault’s Vision
  6. A Great Void and a Great Longing
  7. The Spirit’s Second Visit
  8. Cassandra and Cosmology
  9. Dr Cortlandt Sees His Grave
  10. Ayrault
  11. Dreamland to Shadowland
  12. Sheol
  13. The Priest’s Sermon
  14. Hic Ille Jacet
  15. Mother Earth

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