ASFO 2021–10–23

This show, which was not aired on the date, consists largely of a discussion of nuclear research reactors, to give some context for the show from the previous week. I also get into some discussion of the use of various kinds of reactors for producing bomb materials.

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ASFO 2021–10–09

After a week involuntarily taken off due to technical difficulties, I narrate my visit on 3 October to the open day at the Heinz Maier–Leibnitz Neutron Source. The “source” is a specialized nuclear reactor (but the people in charge of it will thank you not to talk about that), otherwise known as FRM–II, the successor to the original Forschungs–Reaktor München (Munich Research Reactor), built by American Machine & Foundry in 1957, and noted at the time for its ellipsoidal aluminium dome.

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ASFO 2021–09–25

A very rambly show. I start off by apologizing for not attending the “big climate rally” on Friday the 24th, which is in principle an ideal venue to speak out with hope and positivity, and and remind people that we do have solutions to our problems ― but a pro–nuclear activist was assaulted at the march in Berlin.

Then I try (with a little help from Chauncey Starr, one–time Director–General of the International Atomic Energy Agency) to dig into the mindset of the “Negawatts not Megawatts” people, who say we just need to cut back energy use. This leads me to comparing energy and electricity consumption figures for various countries, and thence to the fascinating inversion by which manufactured goods are now being sold by poorer countries to wealthier ones, and to tie that to changing patterns of energy consumption. At this point I can hardly allow the enormous human and environmental cost of coal mining in China to pass without a mention. Maybe I’ll be more coherent next week!

Supplementary Material

ASFO 2021–09–18

Eighteen people in orbit at one time, for what must have been the first time, albeit only for about a day ; a brief discussion of the “9/11” show I could have done, but chose not to ; and I read the statement from the Prime Minister of Australia purporting to announce the planned acquisition of nuclear–powered submarines in cooperation with the USA and UK, and discuss why it makes no sense whatsoever.

2 Supplementary Shows

ASFO 2021–09–11

Another pre–recorded show, just to make it more convenient to include the audio from the speech I gave the previous week (also available on YouTube). Somehow, that leads into a discussion of plastic waste, fish farming, and the fresh water supply problem of the Lima–Callao megalopolis in Peru.

2 Supplementary Shows

ASFO 2021–09–04

Pre–recorded because I was attending pro–nuclear–energy rallies, first in the city center of Augsburg (where I gave an impromptu speech, with simultaneous translation), and then at the nuclear power station at Gundremmingen on the upper Danube. Turnout at the latter was quite poor, in part perhaps because of ongoing railway strikes. Anyway, I discuss the fission–fusion energy economy, food irradiation, the second worst civil power reactor accident ever (which you have never heard of), and a few other minor topics.