ASFO 2022–12–17

Two quotations, one moral imperative, and a great deal of extraneous noise form the matter of this show. I explore the problems, and some alternative views, of the concept of energy efficiency. This is overall a very tub–thumpy episode, in which I repeat a few key phrases over and over again instead of properly expounding my views. Partly that was due to frustration at the noise, the source of which I need to properly work out, if I am going to broadcast remotely with my netbook.

Supplementary Show

2022–12–20 Belatedly realizing that I didn’t really do anything for the 75th anniversary of the first artificial Earth satellite, back in October, I read the preface, by Hermann Oberth, from a 1956 book entitled Satellite! by Erik Bergaust and William Beller ― which leads me down the rabbit–hole of explaining why Oberth could legitimately be called a “Nazi rocket scientist”, and thus to Chapter 5 of Rockets : The Future of Travel Beyond the Stratosphere (third printing with additional information, 1945 January) by the great Willy Ley, The Battle of the Formulae. More of that anon.

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