ASFO 2022–02–19

After skipping a week because I was unfortunately busy about other things, I start off by discussing a beautiful photo calendar commemorating the Gundremmingen nuclear power station, created not by the plant owners, but by the local parish priest! This leads into more of my interminable bitter ranting about the German energy policy, and an attempt at analysis of an € 85 000 PV+hydrogen “home total energy solution” which is now being offered on the market. But also I try to explore a little why some of the arguments people give about energy are fallacious.

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ASFO 2022–02–05

This one is a trifle profane. Mostly I rant about the National Agency for Space Avoidance, and try to explain why the much–criticized rise of private space industry is good for those of us who understand that the Cosmos is the stage upon which the future of humanity will be acted. Jeff Bezos’ colossal new sailing yacht, which is causing consternation in Rotterdam, comes in as an example of what we can expect from a “renewable energy future”. Also a mention of the problems with decarbonization by taxation, although there is much more to be said about it.

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ASFO 2022–01–29

In which I break my rule of mostly not talking about computers by discussing Bill Jolitz of 386BSD fame ― but in the context of Federal support for mad science (and besides, he was a friend of my parents). Also, if a SpaceX Falcon booster smacks into Luna (on the far side where we can’t see the flash), and there are no seismographs around to hear it, does it make a crater?

2 Supplementary Shows

ASFO 2022–01–08

In which I talk about Sex. Fair warning, if you hold any strong opinions on topics such as gender identity or feminism, you probably won’t feel that I have fairly described either your position or opposing ones. Just as a reminder, I have very little patience with anyone who claims to hold an “unpopular opinion”, and then comes up with what is probably the second or third most popular opinion on the topic. Be original!

Supplementary Show

ASFO 2022–01–01

This is not only the first show of the year, it’s the first day this year when we could have had a show! Honestly, that’s about the most interesting thing about this one. Mostly it’s maundering about the James Webb Space Telescope, some speculation on its possible role in planetary defence, and reflections on why that could be important in a world in which international tensions remain high. Also there’s a brief mention of the depressing situation in Germany.