ASFO 2022–12–24

"Earthrise" from Apollo 8

Christmas Eve, and I am hard at work in my workshop… no, not at the North Pole! Have you met me? As you might infer from my frequent allusions to tapping off gigawatts of heat from large nuclear power stations, I prefer warm conditions. On the subject of “peace on Earth, goodwill toward men”, I contemplate the opportunities for peace which lie before us.

A selection of pin-back badges carrying space- and atomic-energy-themed US postage stamps, mostly from the 1960s
Not exactly masterpieces of graphic design, but it s a start!

Supplementary Show

2022–12–30 The remainder of Chapter 5 of Rockets by Willy Ley, and the first part of Chapter 6, “Success, Failure, and Politics”

Author: publius

Fools! I will destroy you all!!