“A Step Farther Out” 2022 Shows

ASFO airs weekly at 19z00. In this post you will find links to the shows from 2022, along with my attempts to describe each show.

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  • 2022-01-01 This is not only the first show of the year, it’s the first day this year when we could have had a show! Honestly, that’s about the most interesting thing about this one. Mostly it’s maundering about the James Webb Space Telescope, some speculation on its possible role in planetary defence, and reflections on why that could be important in a world in which international tensions remain high. Also there’s a brief mention of the depressing situation in Germany.
  • 2022–01–08 In which I talk about Sex. Fair warning, if you hold any strong opinions on topics such as gender identity or feminism, you probably won’t feel that I have fairly described either your position or opposing ones. Just as a reminder, I have very little patience with anyone who claims to hold an “unpopular opinion”, and then comes up with what is probably the second or third most popular opinion on the topic. Be original!
  • 2022–01–15 Continuing on from last week, somehow, I manage to talk about Joan of Arc and Ray Kurzweil in the same show. Also news from Berlin ― the city, not the German government.
  • 2022–01–22 Wrapping up the theme of the past two weeks by talking about sexually transmitted infections? Well, that’s a rather grim pun.

Supplementary Shows

  • 2022–01–14 A reading from The Uses of Atomic Energy for the Social and Economic Development in the German Democratic Republic, National Report of the GDR to the UN Conference on the Promotion of International Co-operation in the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy (undated but circa 1986, issued in both English and German editions)
  • 2021–01–18 Panel discussions and abstracts of papers from Volume 11, “Health Physics and Radiation Protection / Radioactive Waste Management / The Environment and Public Acceptance”, of the Proceedings of the Fourth Geneva Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy (the “Atoms for Development” conference), 1971

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