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Silhouette Shack #8 – Gordon Raphael

Silhouette Shack #8 – Gordon Raphael


000157:50 Cent:The Massacre:In My Hood

000533:World’s Famous Supreme Team: Hey DJ 12″:Hey DJ

001133:Michael Jackson:Off The Wall:Rock With You

001519:Little Brother:The Minstrel Show: Lovin’ It

001923:50 Cent:The Massacre:Outta Control (Remix)

002328:Lil Boosie:Supafly 12″:Supafly

002656:Lil Peep:Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1:Benz Truck

003003:Crisis:You Like My Style / Dreamin’:Dreamin’


003648:Thelonious Monk:Jazz Profile Thelonious Monk:Off Minor

004023:Miles Davis:In A Silent Way:Shhh Peaceful

005815:Gordon Raphael:Ars Divina Archives:India

Silhouette Shack #7 – Gordon Raphael

Silhouette Shack #7 – Gordon Raphael

000005:Bubbly Puppy:A Gathering Of Promises:Hot Smoke And Sasafrass

000257:Blue Cheer:Vincebus Eruptum:Summertime Blues

000653:The Doors:Morrison Hotel:Waiting For The Sun

001122:Gordon Raphael:Ars Divina Archives:India

001141:The American Breed:Bend Me Shape Me:Bend Me Shape Me

001444:The Beatles:Yellow Submarine:Only A Northern Song


002135:Simon & Garfunkel:Bookends:Mrs. Robinson

002541:Jimi Hendrix:Axis: Bold As Love:Up From The Skies

002913:Iron Butterfly:Ball:Soul Experience

003210:Eric Burdon & The Animals:Every One Of Us:White Houses

003616:Tommy James and the Shondells:Crimson & Clover:Crimson & Clover

004144:Iggy And The Stooges:Raw Power:Gimme Danger

004543:Thomas Dolby:The Golden Age Of Wireless:Leipzig

005007:Sparks:Kimono My House:Thank God It’s Not Christmas

005532:Marianne Nowottny:Afraid Of Me:Who’s To Blame

005925:Gordon Raphael:The Goblins:Roquin Betty

Silhouette Shack #6 – Gordon Raphael

Silhouette Shack #6 – Gordon Raphael

000040:Maktub:unreleased demo:Don’t Need Your Anymore

000541:Tetra Splendour:unreleased demo:Barracuda

000933:Gordon Raphael:The Lifeboat EP:Edie Soundchecker

001218:Sue Denim:unreleased demo:Bully Nights

001440:Sue Denim:unreleased demo:Brewster McCloud

001723:Johnny Nevermore:Gordotronic Archive:Espionage With Love

002221:Tetra Splendour:unreleased demo:Kilo

002801:The Servant:unreleased demo:Biro

003236:Char Johnson:Shoplifter Records Archive:I Saw An Angel

003708:Absinthee:Seattle Stars:Let Them Sleep

004125:Detonantes:Gordotronic Archives:Vaticano

004541:Black Light:The White Album:The Lifeboat

005101:Gordon Raphael:Gordotronic Archive:SuperHit

005449:Sky Cries Mary:This Timeless Turning:Objects In The Mirror

Silhouette Shack #5 – Gordon Raphael

Silhouette Shack #5 – Gordon Raphael

000102:Super700:When Hare and Fox Had Fun:Turned To Loud

000445:Super700:When Hare and Fox Had Fun:Gill

001025:Husky Stash:seven inch single:Rockabilly

001214:Husky Stash:seven inch single:Is It Love

001535:Quarks:Quarksland:Du Entkommst Mir Nicht

001932:Sarah Maguire:Gordotronic Website Archives:I Said

002353:sissimetall:Gordotronic Website Archives:Automatic

002943:Mamasweed:Electric Zeppelin:Mrs. Nice

003231:Kitty Solaris:My Home Is My Disco:Cold Season

003604:Gordon Raphael:I Lick The Moog:Country

004010:Gordon Raphael:I Lick the Moog:Never Shoulda Started

004335:Susie van der Meer:Eyes On Me:Found You

004754:Susie van der Meer:Somebody has To Pay

005202:Gordon Raphael:Gordotronic Website Archives:Better Bat Wings

005659:El Hula:Violent Love:Arena Of My Soul (Team Remix)

Silhouette Shack #4 – Gordon Raphael

Silhouette Shack #4

000033:The Violet Caste:INK(Cassette):Stay With It

000419:Chinas Comidas:7 inch single:Lover Lover

000709:Clone:7 inch single:Jacuzzi Fluzzie

001017:MYNDE:Odyssey:Waiting For The Sun

001603:The Telepaths:7 inch single:Must I Perform

002154:Colour Twigs:Colour Twigs: Experimental Sex In Space

002435:Room Nine:Voices…… Of A Summers Day:Circus Floor

002915:Sly Cries Mary:Exit At The Axis:Cornerman

003511:Rick Sabo:7 inch single:Three

003741:Maudlin:unreleased song:Lay Me Flowers

004207:The Wasters:The Wasters:All Messed Up

004633:AKE:AKE cassette:I Can’t Feel The Fire

005112:Satellites:The Cave and the Limehouse:Torna

005611:Johanna Amelie:Distance:Lion Babe

Silhouette Shack #3 – Gordon Raphael

Silhouette Shack #3 w/ Gordon Raphael

000038:Rollers Of Bedlam:Bedlam City EP:Sheila

000324:Red Martian: Ghost Into The Fog:WONT

000812:Miss Machine:Miss Machine:Mary

001131:Gordon Raphael:Im Sinne Des Erfinders:Track Mind (NYC Version)

001458:Gordon Raphael:Im Sinne Des Erfinders:Fuppeduck Drums 2000

002034:FrankZappa&The Mothers Of Invention: We’re Only In It For The Money:Are You Hung Up?

002158:FrankZappa&The Mothers Of Invention: We’re Only In It For The Money: Who Needs The Peace Corps?

002446:Iron Butterfly:Ball:Soul Experience

002748:Gary Numan/Tubeway Army:Replicas:Me I Disconnect From You

003116:Kraftwerk:The Mix:The Robots

003445:Gordon Raphael:I Lick The Moog:Robot Pure

003641:Anna Erickson:Unreleased Gem:CRAZY

004133:Anna Doležalová:Various Youtube:Whatever

004744:Gordon Raphael:Various Youtube:Crazy Ballerina

004820:Gordon Raphael:Ars Divina Archive:Crazy Bongos

005042:Johnny Strahm/Johnny Rocker:unreleased album:Crazy World

005439:Gordon Raphael:live in studio:Arp Odyssey laughters

005511:The Queen Of War:unreleased album:New Machine

005826:Gordon Raphael:Substitute Music:Sub Mutant (Variant 1)

005918:Gordon Raphael:Ars Divina Archive:Ah-Ya