Silhouette Shack #8 – Gordon Raphael

Silhouette Shack #8 – Gordon Raphael


000157:50 Cent:The Massacre:In My Hood

000533:World’s Famous Supreme Team: Hey DJ 12″:Hey DJ

001133:Michael Jackson:Off The Wall:Rock With You

001519:Little Brother:The Minstrel Show: Lovin’ It

001923:50 Cent:The Massacre:Outta Control (Remix)

002328:Lil Boosie:Supafly 12″:Supafly

002656:Lil Peep:Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1:Benz Truck

003003:Crisis:You Like My Style / Dreamin’:Dreamin’


003648:Thelonious Monk:Jazz Profile Thelonious Monk:Off Minor

004023:Miles Davis:In A Silent Way:Shhh Peaceful

005815:Gordon Raphael:Ars Divina Archives:India