Silhouette Shack #3 – Gordon Raphael

Silhouette Shack #3 w/ Gordon Raphael

000038:Rollers Of Bedlam:Bedlam City EP:Sheila

000324:Red Martian: Ghost Into The Fog:WONT

000812:Miss Machine:Miss Machine:Mary

001131:Gordon Raphael:Im Sinne Des Erfinders:Track Mind (NYC Version)

001458:Gordon Raphael:Im Sinne Des Erfinders:Fuppeduck Drums 2000

002034:FrankZappa&The Mothers Of Invention: We’re Only In It For The Money:Are You Hung Up?

002158:FrankZappa&The Mothers Of Invention: We’re Only In It For The Money: Who Needs The Peace Corps?

002446:Iron Butterfly:Ball:Soul Experience

002748:Gary Numan/Tubeway Army:Replicas:Me I Disconnect From You

003116:Kraftwerk:The Mix:The Robots

003445:Gordon Raphael:I Lick The Moog:Robot Pure

003641:Anna Erickson:Unreleased Gem:CRAZY

004133:Anna Doležalová:Various Youtube:Whatever

004744:Gordon Raphael:Various Youtube:Crazy Ballerina

004820:Gordon Raphael:Ars Divina Archive:Crazy Bongos

005042:Johnny Strahm/Johnny Rocker:unreleased album:Crazy World

005439:Gordon Raphael:live in studio:Arp Odyssey laughters

005511:The Queen Of War:unreleased album:New Machine

005826:Gordon Raphael:Substitute Music:Sub Mutant (Variant 1)

005918:Gordon Raphael:Ars Divina Archive:Ah-Ya