Silhouette Shack – Gordon Raphael #10

Silhouette Shack w/ Gordon Raphael #10

000006:Gordon Raphael:The Lost Cities / Lifetimes:Rok Slyde

000024:Gordon Raphael:I Lick the Moog:Second Chance

000203:Miss Machine:Shoplifter Records Archives:Mary

000521:Skin:Fake Chemical State:Alone In My Room

000823:The Strokes: Is This It:Alone, Together

001150:Satellites:The Box:Night Call

001528:The Bad Apples:Shoplifter Records Archives:Cha Cha Mango

001918:Kill Kenada:7″single:Choke

002328:Petal:Shoplifter Records Archives:Beautiful Miserable

002817:The Wasters:The Wasters:All Messed Up

003241:Lucky Me:Glue:Worthy

003622:Sarah Maguire:Shoplifter Records Archives:Queen Bitch

003951:Super700:When Hare And Fox Had Fun:Elephant

004440:Billy Conquer:Garage Hits EP:Creatures Of The Sky

004725:Colour Twigs:Colour Twigs:So Tempermental

004945:Colour Twigs:Colour Twigs:Somewhere

005504:Satellites:Our Very Bright Darkness:Still Sunday