Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 850 – 2021/12/12


Imatran Voima – Techno Slut
Nail – 1987
E.R.P. – Tuga
Drexciya – You Don’t Know
DMX Krew – マネキン (Manekin)
Model 500 – Digital Solutions
Go Nuclear – Techno World (Extended Mix)
MetaComplex – Binary Leak
pangaea – Proxy
Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Simian Mobile Disco Remix; B-side Version)
Depeche Mode – My Little Universe (Boys Noize Remix)
Orbital – Remind
Orbital – Lush 3-2
Para One – Nevrosis
Fukkk Offf – Rave Is King
Lesbians On Ecstasy – Victoria’s Secret

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 849 – 2021/12/11


Arpanet – Event Horizon
Mad Mike & Bass Mekanik – Lunar Bass Beats
Aux 88 – Interface
London Modular Alliance – Remainder
Assembler Code – Mental Escape
EMS – Spyware
Cybotron – Cosmic Cars (Nasty Nero’s Remix)
Underground Resistance – Sweat Electric
Matrixxman – StuxNet II
Schwefelgelb – Wie Die Köpfe
Luca Agnelli – Biosphere (2000 And One Remix)
Orlando Voorn – Gain Upwards (Efdemin Remix) [OUT-ER]
Housemeister – Dinamite
Djedjotronic – Are Friends Electric (Lokier Remix)
Modek – The Brink

ASFO 2021–12–11

Revised plans for the World Science Fiction Convention (15―19 December, Washington, DC) ; and the question of what we gain by allocating energy and other resources to “space tourism”. My answer? Hope, first and foremost ― and that may be the most important thing of all. Also some audience interaction, digressing into the proper use of the term “black light”, and the scammy use of ionizing radiation to give odd colours to glass and gemstones.

Banana Republic Manifesto


Injecting thoughts, ideas and soundbites in between songs and other tales.

  • Be creative whilst having fun, and sharing ideas and knowlege
  • Tell stories which may be helpful and interesting
  • Tell fantastial tales of intregue and mystery
  • Encourage others to be creative
  • Espírito da Verdade
  • Humans first
  • No BS.
  • ❤️

Where you’ve heard it all before, and where absolutely nothing is new!

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 848 – 2021/12/05


Fairlight Children – 808 Bit
Until December – Heaven
Peter Godwin – Spoken Images
Provision – Neverending
!distain – Mein Weg (Album Version)
The Mobile Homes – Love To Be Loved (12″ Version)
Die Fantastischen Vier – Saft
Moskwa TV – Operator Z
Kraftwerk – Heimcomputer (Dubmood & Gem Tos Remix)
Ohama – My Time (Midnite News Version)
Pavillon 7b – Le Manège
ADN’ Ckrystall – Tam Tam Samba
Jean-Jacques Perrey – E.V.A.
Echo Image – Secrets Untold (C-64 Version)
Kremlyn – En Busca De Luz
Circuit 7 – Russian Roulette

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 847 – 2021/12/04


Futurisk – Lonely Street
Sympathy Nervous – Quick Starttype
Ausgang Verboten – Consumer
The Actor – Lights
Opera Multi Steel – Ad Nauseam
Guyer’s Connection – Pogo of Techno
In Trance 95 – Brazilia
Jakuzi – Bir Şey Olur
Romantične Boje – Bez Tebe
Jeunesse D’Ivoire – A Gift Of Tears (Silent Version)
Seona Dancing – More To Loose
Fra Lippo Lippi – Some Things Never Change
B-Movie – Nowhere Girl (Extended)
Soviet Soviet – Introspective Trip
Фирма-однодневка – В танце