New Show on aNONradio: “Butt Stuff”

We have a new show on aNONradio!!

“Butt Stuff” with buttstuf
Thursdays, 01:00-02:00 UTC

For more info about the show:

About the show:

Vinyl records 99.9% of the time. Almost no digital, except in some very rare
and unique cases (ie: testflight new tracks). All groove-oriented dancefloor
music, especially *oldschool* underground non-mainstream club and rave.
Basically, all the stuff that makes you move your butt on the dancefloor (so
“Butt Stuff” is actually kind of a fitting show name, IMO). Music will
primarily be from around 1988-1994, but years well before and after too will be
played. Genres include House and Deep House mostly (“club” stuff – because
that’s what I’m actually known for), but also Breaks, Breakbeat/Rave, Techno,
Funk, Disco, Downtempo and Triphop, HipHop, Ambient, and more. Also, from time
to time, promos and whitelabels from colleagues (and myself), that aren’t yet
on store shelves.

The show starts next Thursday (UTC)… Wednesday night in North America.

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Please show your support for your fellow SDF member buttstuf by tuning in to
his show.

Thank you buttstuf and enjoy doing your show!

Welcome Back, DJ ffog… er… “peef”! is extremely delighted to welcome back former DJ ffog! ffog will now be known by his new DJ name “peef”.

His show is called “Myocyte” and will livestream every Friday, 01:00-02:00 UTC (Thursday, 6-7PM PDT)… Tune in to “Myocyte” with DJ peef and “stretch with background music for any creative endeavour”.

His show will start this week… and that’s tonight! (My apologies for the late announcement)

Please check out DJ peef’s first post on his DJ blog:

Thank you, ffog! We look forward to your show!

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New Show “MixRemix”

aNONradio has a new show called “MixRemix” with DJ Hairy Larry (hairylarry). This is hairylarry’s 2nd show on aNONradio (the other being “Something Blue”). Brief description
of the show:

“These shows will feature Free Culture and Creative Commons licensed
music. Great listening and a resource for creators looking for reusable

MixRemix livestreams every Monday from 20:00-22:00 UTC.

Something Blue livestreams every Friday from 20:00-21:00 UTC.

Check our the aNONradio archives to sample hairylarry’s past shows!

New Show on aNONradio, Additional Timeslot for Organized Chaos


Let us all welcome our new DJ on aNONradio:

DJ developer

and his new show

“Thinly Veiled Hostility”

a mixture of Dark Ambient, Industrial, EBM, Sludge, Occult Rock, and sometimes punk. 
An occasional foray into 80s and 90s dance/techno would probably occcur as well.

DJ developer will livestream every Thursday and Saturday, 01:00 to 02:00 UTC (Wednesday and Friday, 5-6PM PST).

Please support our new DJ! Tune in to his show! Good luck and most of all enjoy, DJ developer!


DJ G. Love has added a timeslot for his show “Organized Chaos”. His show now livestreams every Wednesday and Thursday from 00:00-01:00 UTC (Tuesday and Wednesday, 4-5PM PST). Way to go, DJ G. Love!