ASFO 2021–11–27

Much complaining about Greens, their mendacity, and its effect on public discourse. Also a brief report of a conversation with Dr Knief, author of a text on nuclear engineering for commercial power plants ; the Russian coal mine explosion (coal kills!) ; musings about nuance ; and a questionable word coinage. Surely I can come up with something better than “cosmification”.

Supplementary Shows

  • 2021–11–30 Conclusion of the conference review by Bogolyubov ; closing remarks by Sigvard Eklund (IAEA Director–General) and Guy Gresford (Director for Science and Technology, United Nations) ; opening address by Rudolf Gnägi (President of the Swiss Confederation) ; messages from U Thant (Secretary–General, United Nations) and various heads of state and government.
  • 2021–12–03 Opening Addresses to the Fourth Geneva Conference by Glenn Seaborg (Conference President), Sigvard Eklund, and II Rabi. Thanks to a bit of blather from me at the beginning, I don’t get quite to the end of the Rabi piece, & will have to finish it another time.

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