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Reflections on technology usage, life’s journey, and the chill beats in between.


Live every Thursday at 0:00 UTC (Wednesday 5:00 PM PST/ 8:00 PM EST).


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2022 – June


Featured Music

Week 4

Unfortunately, this show had technical difficulties, see week 5.

Week 3

  1. Prove, by Angara, on their Prove/No Freedom release
  2. Roots, by Klur, on their Roots release
  3. Say My Name (Instrumental), by ODESZA, on their In Return (Deluxe Edition) release
  4. Senkai, by lycoriscoris, on their Chiyu release
  5. Silk, by Thrupence, on their Silk release
  6. Told You, by Hessian, on their Attention // Told You release
  7. Trauma, by Sumthin Sumthin, on their Trauma release
  8. Beyond The Stars, by Rosentwig, on their Beyound The Stars release
  9. Ceres, by Rohne, on their Forms release

Week 2

  1. X-TDB133, by Naone, on their Falling Sun EP
  2. Solace In The Night, by Khaen, on their Solace In The Night release
  3. Memory Pattern, by Nuage Baile, on their Memory Pattern release
  4. Move, by Sebastian Davidson, on their Circle release
  5. Kenosis, by Enamour, on their Run Away release
  6. Cipher, by 16BL, on their Peninsula release
  7. Gone, by Audialist, on their Audialist Select release

Week 1

Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze, on their The Dark Side of the Moog, Vol. 5

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“A Step Farther Out”

If you recall the Eames Office film “Powers of Ten” ― we humans are at the midpoint between the galaxies and the atomic nucleus. It’s a great place to be!

Saturdays, 19h UTC

Why would I start a new show, when I have trouble keeping up with the one I already have?

This is a completely different concept, and will be a completely different format (whatever the format ends up being), from Hear Now the Words. About all they have in common is my speaking voice. HNtW is the show in which I read stories written by other people. ASFO is the show in which I talk about what I think are interesting and worthwhile things to know and think about. That is going to involve atomic energy and space travel a great deal. As I see it, those are two defining features of human existence in the present age, which is the age of transition from planetary to cosmic existence. If we fail to think about them, and get them in the correct perspective, we may not make that transition successfully. And that is a thought too hideous, too sorrowful, to bear examination.

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