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Week 4: What is your favorite thing about SDF

Week 3: All of this week, I will be upgrading my home studio. This will make it possible for me to start participating in the weekly synth battle royal on aNONradio and do other creative endeavors. As a result, all of my shows will be repeats. Thanks for understanding!

Week 2: What technology headlines caught your attention this week

Week 1: What was the last hardware or software project that you made for fun


Week 5: How do you deal with stress had dead air 38:55 – 43:01 due to my mistake of not activating my mic; I regret the error. Rest assured that the show continues after 43:01.

Week 4: What operating system do you prefer

Week 3: What is your favorite technology news site

Week 2: What is your most favorite game or gaming system

Week 1: What is your favorite technology conference had technical difficulties at the beginning of this show (one of those days). At 4:16, the issue was resolved and the show starts and ends without any other glitches.


Week 4: I was away for this show, and unfortunately the automated music that I set to play in my absence experienced technical difficulties.

Week 3: What programming language do you prefer

Week 2: What is the hardest technology related thing that you’ve ever done

Week 1: What technologist do you admire


Week 5: Useful old technology

Week 4: Useful old technology had technical difficulties, see week 5.

Week 3: Your first computer memory

Week 2: Your favorite command

Week 1: A tribute to Robert Moog

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