ASFO 2022–11–12

Wednesday saw me in Berlin, demonstrating in front of the Bundestag with the fine folks from Nuklearia eV over the “Stuttgarter Erklärung”, a petition for the continued use of atomic power in Germany. I discuss this experience, as well as the ghastly architecture of the Federal Government complex, before getting into the substantive part of the broadcast. And what, you might ask, is all that about? Well, in response to some comments a week or two ago, I talk about world population. It’s nothing I haven’t said before, but hopefully it’s put into a clearer form here. Simply put, no, I don’t think there are “too many people” ― but there certainly are too many people who deserve a better world than the one they have. We have the tools we need, and we know how to apply them ― as Sir John Hill said about the fast breeder reactor (itself not the least of those tools), all that is left now is to get on with the work. Will the warmongers and dictators allow us to do it?

A man (publius) in an overcoat and fedora, showing off a circular slide rule. Pro-nuclear-energy protesters and signs in the background.
At the demonstration, showing off my circular slide rule to dj tyn, whose nose and scarf can be seen at extreme right

Supplementary Shows

  • 2022–11–15 Continuing with the Knorr paper from last time. I have some strong words to say about certain parts of it.
  • 2022–11–18 I finish the Knorr piece, and read the introductory sections of A Target for Euratom (1957 May, also known as “The Report of the Three Wise Men”)

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