ASFO 2022–05–14

TANSTAAFL! But that doesn’t preclude reduced–price lunches… Also, Power Outrage! Also also, why Starlink is exactly the wrong way to do satellite broadband ; the latest film transfers (here and here) inspire the question of what deserves to be called democracy ; a nifty DVD ; “activist investors” ; and high–end overcoats. Where else would you get this value?

A photo of cats huddled together on a Starlink dish, from some kind of press article.
Cats are probably even more effective than snow at absorbing RF

Supplementary Shows

  • 2022–05–17 Some Preliminary Notes on FASEG (Fairy Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Godmothers), Lawrence M Janifer and Frederick W Kantor, Analog, 1965 November. Also, from the same issue, Onward and Upward with Space Power, a piece on the use of steam in space, by someone with the delightful name of J Frank Coneybear. I didn’t finish that, and the remainder is sufficiently interesting that I’ll come back to it.
  • 2022–05–20 Conclusion of the Coneybear piece (incorporating a quote from Slide Rule by Nevil Shute, a favorite of mine) ; an editorial from the Fort Worth Star–Telegram, 2022–05–11, entitled “As record gas prices hurt drivers, let’s drill for more oil”, by Ryan Rusak, Opinion Editor, because I responded to it with a letter which I will be reading on the next ASFO ; and A Matter of Perspective, science fact article by Gordon R Dickson and Kelly Freas, from Analog, 1971 December, literally about trying to see the Apollo programme, from the perspective of a press correspondent and an illustrator. My timing on that one was perfect.

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