Half Hour of Power playlist EP26, 2018/10/17

Tonight’s show was episode 26 of the Half Hour of Power!  This represents six months of weekly shows.  A huge thanks to everybody who has regularly listened to show during this time, whether live or from the archives.

This show was supposed to be a “return to the new normal” after a few experimental mix up shows.  The playlist combines chiptunes, skwee, vintage electronica, video game music and video game music remix into a single show, hopefully without feeling too disorganised.  This is the approach I think I will be taking from now on.

  1. Daniela Salvia – Skwerminator
  2. Logic System – Unit
  3. dkstr – Day Late
  4. Televicious – Gate Array
  5. Feekzoid – Thrust (Magnificent Worlds)
  6. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Computer Game (Theme From The Invader)
  7. Mega Man 2 OST – Dr. Wily’s Castle
  8. 505 – Tambumbi
  9. Tales of Abyss OST – The arrow was shot

Half Hour of Power playlist EP25, 2018/10/10

Tonight’s show featured the work of the Sega Sound Team Band, Sega’s official in-house band!  The S.S.T band held concerts and released tapes and CDs in Japan only during the late 80s and early 90s, playing rock versions of music from Sega’s games, and the two “medley” tracks from tonight’s show are examples of this.

  1. Alex Kidd theme
  2. Power Drift medley
  3. After Burner sound effect collection
  4. Galaxy Force – Defeat
  5. Alien Storm – Nuclear Dance!, Oh My Buddha!
  6. After Burner medley
  7. Virtua Formula – Rad Mobile
  8. R360 G-LOC – Earth Frame G
  9. Battle Axe – Ending

Half Hour of Power playlist EP24, 2018/10/03

The second “shaken up” Half Hour of Power was vintage electronic music night!  The late 70s and early 80s were pivotal times for the video game and home computer industries, so it’s only natural that the electronic music from these times would influence the earliest chiptune artists.  Sometimes the influence went both ways – the YMO song in tonight’s playlist is the first ever example of video game sounds being sampled in mainstream music.

  1. Raymond Scott – Nursery Rhyme (1964)
  2. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Computer Game (Theme From The Circus) (1978)
  3. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Das Neue Japanische Elektronische Volkslied (1978)
  4. Logic System – Chinjyu of Sun (1981)
  5. Michael Hoenig – Sun and Moon (1978)
  6. Jean-Michael Jarre – Oxygène (Part IV) (1976)

Half Hour of Power playlist EP23, 2018/09/26

The first ever “shaken up” Half Hour of Power was skweee night!  Skwee is a musical genre originating in the Nordic electronica scene, and I’d never heard of it until aNONradio’s own DJ Quintus (aka cev) recommended it to me as “chiptune adjacent” – he was not wrong!  This is the most chip-like music I’ve ever heard which is still clearly not chiptune.  All of tonights track’s come from the first, second or third volume of the delightful named “Skweee Shanties” compilation albums from Tiburoni Records.  At 4 Euro a pop, these albums are a fantastic value introduction to the genre.

  1. Ixvo-Exvo – Steel Meet Steelo
  2. Ogopogo – Titan Rain
  3. Rabbi Bananas – XY Start
  4. KOΔƎK – ᵔ ᵕ ℳ▲K▲ℛ☺₦‖ &&&& Ⅽℍ℮ᴲℤΣ ᵔ ᵕ
  5. Paolo Zemauno – Funk Ya!
  6. Radio Skotvoid – Hot Mess
  7. Fengir – Strategic Syrup
  8. Ixvo-Exvo – Geeio (truncated)

I hope enjoyed Skweee night!   Tune in next week for assorted pioneering electronic music artists!

(last week, 2018/09/19, was a rebroadcast of episode 5)



Half Hour of Power Shakeup

Hey chiptune fans,

After 22 episodes (or 11 hours, almost half a day!) of playing nothing but chiptunes,  hunting for high quality new content every week is starting to feel like a bit of a chore, and I can feel the risk of “burn out” closing in.  I don’t want that, and you don’t want that either, so in order to keeps things fresh, I am throwing the Half Hour of Power show into shakeup mode and loosening the reins a little.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start playing reggae or smooth jazz just to be different.  But in coming weeks you can expect me to branch out into other kinds of music which while not chiptunes, are still near neighbours in music space.  Things you might hear will include more modern kinds of video game music, and video game music remixes; early electronic music with relatively primitive synthesis technology (which some argue inspired the earliest chiptune musicians); and modern electronic music which has a stripped-down / lo-fi sonic palette.  In other words, it’ll be different, but not too different.  I’m aware aNONradio has plenty of other all- or mostly-electronic music shows, and I will try not to play stuff too similar to what you will hear elsewhere.

Please let me know what you think of the new content!  I am usually in COM and on IRC when my show airs, or if you listen from the archives you can send me email @sdf.org, or toot at me on SDF’s Mastodon instance, or write about it in gopherspace.  Once I get an idea of what I like and what you like, I will try to update the show’s official description and stick to it, so it doesn’t just become a “whatever I feel like” deal.

Of course, I will keep playing chiptunes as part of the new mix!