Half Hour of Power playlist EP23, 2018/09/26

The first ever “shaken up” Half Hour of Power was skweee night!  Skwee is a musical genre originating in the Nordic electronica scene, and I’d never heard of it until aNONradio’s own DJ Quintus (aka cev) recommended it to me as “chiptune adjacent” – he was not wrong!  This is the most chip-like music I’ve ever heard which is still clearly not chiptune.  All of tonights track’s come from the first, second or third volume of the delightful named “Skweee Shanties” compilation albums from Tiburoni Records.  At 4 Euro a pop, these albums are a fantastic value introduction to the genre.

  1. Ixvo-Exvo – Steel Meet Steelo
  2. Ogopogo – Titan Rain
  3. Rabbi Bananas – XY Start
  4. KOΔƎK – ᵔ ᵕ ℳ▲K▲ℛ☺₦‖ &&&& Ⅽℍ℮ᴲℤΣ ᵔ ᵕ
  5. Paolo Zemauno – Funk Ya!
  6. Radio Skotvoid – Hot Mess
  7. Fengir – Strategic Syrup
  8. Ixvo-Exvo – Geeio (truncated)

I hope enjoyed Skweee night!   Tune in next week for assorted pioneering electronic music artists!

(last week, 2018/09/19, was a rebroadcast of episode 5)



Author: solderpunk