Half Hour of Power playlist EP26, 2018/10/17

Tonight’s show was episode 26 of the Half Hour of Power!  This represents six months of weekly shows.  A huge thanks to everybody who has regularly listened to show during this time, whether live or from the archives.

This show was supposed to be a “return to the new normal” after a few experimental mix up shows.  The playlist combines chiptunes, skwee, vintage electronica, video game music and video game music remix into a single show, hopefully without feeling too disorganised.  This is the approach I think I will be taking from now on.

  1. Daniela Salvia – Skwerminator
  2. Logic System – Unit
  3. dkstr – Day Late
  4. Televicious – Gate Array
  5. Feekzoid – Thrust (Magnificent Worlds)
  6. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Computer Game (Theme From The Invader)
  7. Mega Man 2 OST – Dr. Wily’s Castle
  8. 505 – Tambumbi
  9. Tales of Abyss OST – The arrow was shot

Author: solderpunk