Half Hour of Power playlist EP25, 2018/10/10

Tonight’s show featured the work of the Sega Sound Team Band, Sega’s official in-house band!  The S.S.T band held concerts and released tapes and CDs in Japan only during the late 80s and early 90s, playing rock versions of music from Sega’s games, and the two “medley” tracks from tonight’s show are examples of this.

  1. Alex Kidd theme
  2. Power Drift medley
  3. After Burner sound effect collection
  4. Galaxy Force – Defeat
  5. Alien Storm – Nuclear Dance!, Oh My Buddha!
  6. After Burner medley
  7. Virtua Formula – Rad Mobile
  8. R360 G-LOC – Earth Frame G
  9. Battle Axe – Ending

Author: solderpunk