Half Hour of Power playlist EP24, 2018/10/03

The second “shaken up” Half Hour of Power was vintage electronic music night!  The late 70s and early 80s were pivotal times for the video game and home computer industries, so it’s only natural that the electronic music from these times would influence the earliest chiptune artists.  Sometimes the influence went both ways – the YMO song in tonight’s playlist is the first ever example of video game sounds being sampled in mainstream music.

  1. Raymond Scott – Nursery Rhyme (1964)
  2. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Computer Game (Theme From The Circus) (1978)
  3. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Das Neue Japanische Elektronische Volkslied (1978)
  4. Logic System – Chinjyu of Sun (1981)
  5. Michael Hoenig – Sun and Moon (1978)
  6. Jean-Michael Jarre – Oxygène (Part IV) (1976)

Author: solderpunk