ASFO 2022–02–05

This one is a trifle profane. Mostly I rant about the National Agency for Space Avoidance, and try to explain why the much–criticized rise of private space industry is good for those of us who understand that the Cosmos is the stage upon which the future of humanity will be acted. Jeff Bezos’ colossal new sailing yacht, which is causing consternation in Rotterdam, comes in as an example of what we can expect from a “renewable energy future”. Also a mention of the problems with decarbonization by taxation, although there is much more to be said about it.

Supplementary Shows

  • 2022–02–15 Miscellany : an editorial, and a brief explanation of fast-neutron breeder reactors, from Nuclear Power magazine (1957) ; a couple of introductions by Alvin Weinberg to essays of his contained in the book Continuing the Nuclear Dialogue ; and part of a paper on Importance of Isotopes in Technology and Industry from the 1955 Geneva conference proceedings.
  • 2022–02–18 From Continuing the Nuclear Dialogue : front matter, Peacetime Uses of Nuclear Power (1946), and the first part of Energy as an Ultimate Raw Material, or, Problems of Burning the Seas and Burning the Rocks (1959)

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