ASFO 2022–02–19

After skipping a week because I was unfortunately busy about other things, I start off by discussing a beautiful photo calendar commemorating the Gundremmingen nuclear power station, created not by the plant owners, but by the local parish priest! This leads into more of my interminable bitter ranting about the German energy policy, and an attempt at analysis of an € 85 000 PV+hydrogen “home total energy solution” which is now being offered on the market. But also I try to explore a little why some of the arguments people give about energy are fallacious.

Supplementary Shows

  • 2022–02–22 I started late (weep! wail!) but managed to complete Problems of Burning the Seas and Burning the Rocks from Continuing the Nuclear Dialogue by Alvin Weinberg, and started on Nuclear Energy ― A Prelude to HG Wells’ Dream (1971), from the same volume.
  • 2022–03–01 I finish Prelude to Wells’ Dream and begin Is Nuclear Energy Acceptable? (1977), from the same volume.
  • 2022–03–04 The news from Energodar has me asking whether I am insane, or the people on this planet, and renewing my appeal for a billion dollars to allow me to depart for Luna. Proceeding through Continuing the Nuclear Dialogue, I read a section from Nuclear Safety and Public Acceptance which is directly relevant to current events, before returning to and finishing Is Nuclear Energy Acceptable? After this, I read some book reviews : Challenge and Response, 1972 (The Closing Circle by Barry Commoner and Earthkeeping by Gordon Harrison), Energy : A Crisis in Power (a “Sierra Club Battlebook”, 1971) by John Holdren and Philip Herrera, and the first part of Non–Nuclear Futures : The Case for an Ethical Energy Strategy (1975) by Amory Lovins and John Price.

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