ASFO 2022–01–29

In which I break my rule of mostly not talking about computers by discussing Bill Jolitz of 386BSD fame ― but in the context of Federal support for mad science (and besides, he was a friend of my parents). Also, if a SpaceX Falcon booster smacks into Luna (on the far side where we can’t see the flash), and there are no seismographs around to hear it, does it make a crater?

Supplementary Shows

  • 2022–02–01 The remainder of the expert panel discussion, plus abstracts and discussion of papers presented on the topic of Ecological Aspects and Public Acceptance, Volume 11 of the 1971 Geneva proceedings.
  • 2022–02–04 Preface, Chapter I (Introduction and Outline), and Chapter XVIII (Concluding Reflections) of The Coal Question, An Inquiry Concerning the Progress of The Nation, and the Probable Exhaustion of Our Coal-Mines (Second Edition, Revised, 1866) by W Stanley Jevons, Cobden Professor of Political Economy, Owens College, Manchester.

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