ASFO 2022–12–17

Two quotations, one moral imperative, and a great deal of extraneous noise form the matter of this show. I explore the problems, and some alternative views, of the concept of energy efficiency. This is overall a very tub–thumpy episode, in which I repeat a few key phrases over and over again instead of properly expounding my views. Partly that was due to frustration at the noise, the source of which I need to properly work out, if I am going to broadcast remotely with my netbook.

Supplementary Show

2022–12–20 Belatedly realizing that I didn’t really do anything for the 75th anniversary of the first artificial Earth satellite, back in October, I read the preface, by Hermann Oberth, from a 1956 book entitled Satellite! by Erik Bergaust and William Beller ― which leads me down the rabbit–hole of explaining why Oberth could legitimately be called a “Nazi rocket scientist”, and thus to Chapter 5 of Rockets : The Future of Travel Beyond the Stratosphere (third printing with additional information, 1945 January) by the great Willy Ley, The Battle of the Formulae. More of that anon.

Noise, Electronics and Code

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We like to focus on improvised creation, but everyone is welcome to perform and experiment on their platform of choice.