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From the Archive Episode 2 [2017-01-07]

The Jamendo Episode!

DJ Marcus Set

Phone call (2012) from the album Wake Up CC-BY-SA

Break The Walls (Soulful House) (2016) a remix of their own song from the very talented AL TORRADO CC-BY-ND-NC

All Destroyed from GRACE BALHALLA off Valhalla Rising CC-BY-ND-NC

farewell bright by Leggysalad off of Shards of Memory EP CC-BY-NC-SA

Last Song : Before I Sleep by MUCIOJAD licensed through CC-BY-ND

Bonus Song
Bad How OBIKYAMA from the album City Life CC-BY-ND-NC

DJ Comp-u-Tron’s Set

Chip Tune by IAM29

Son of a Bit! – Chased by a running Chupakabra – BY-NC-SA

Healing by Big Bang Boom CC-BY-SA

This Is A Public Fuckin Domain To Me Anyway! by Slash Norton CC-BY-SA

Pee Wee Ass Vs Dee Dee Puss by Torture Garden on the Thunder Doom Album CC-BY-SA

Wake Up from Crazy Games

intergalactic wasabi mix playlist – 2018/01/06

Keeno on the UKF website
(Photo credit: Ninja Ninja Drum & Bass)

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name / artist
Cosmic Creeper / Keeno
Constellations / Fred V & Grafix
The Rain Will Fall (feat. LSB) / Etherwood
Had a Little Fight (Diego Torres Remix) / London Elektricity
So Long / Schematic & Polaris
Tactical Rail / Gremlinz
Up All Night / John B
X-Ray / Sub Focus
Illegal / Michael Rose+Kinder Atom
Mmmm… / Kinder Atom
Pineangel / Freedom
Walking Wounded (Omni Trio Remix) / Everything But The Girl
Begin By Letting Go / Etherwood
The Legend / Levrige
Watercolours / Nu:Logic

intergalactic wasabi mix playlist – 2018/01/02

classic Tommy Boy stuff is awesome!

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name / artist
Diversions 5 / Art of Noise
Electro is Dead / Sound Chasers
Same Damn Sound / Wuki
Cellular Phone / Dopplereffekt
1,000,000 (Danny Electro Remix) / Nine Inch Nails
Rollin’ A Hard Six / Hydrophonix
Body Mechanic / Quadrant Six
Planet Bass / Danny Electro
Fix It In the Mix / Pretty Tony
Don’t Knock It (Till You Try It) / B.O.S.E.
Freestyle Express / Freestyle
Clear / Cybotron
Eel / Distal
Salsa Smurph (Remastered 12″ Vocal Version) / Special Request
Why You Treat Me so Bad (Remastered) / Club Nouveau
Take Me In Your Arms / Lil Suzy
Louder Than Love (Remastered) / TKA

intergalactic wasabi mix playlist – 2018/01/01


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name / artist
Mea Culpa / Enigma
Receptor / OHC
Awakening / Delerium
Human Transmission / Konzept
Headhunter V1.0 / Front 242
Das Mass Der Ding / U-Tek
Red Light Mirrors / Crackdown
Whispers In the Street / Nomenklatür
Spacelane / TRANSLUNAR
Metropolis / Delerium
Infra Stellar / Delerium
Carpe Diem / Umo Detic

intergalactic wasabi mix playlist – 2017/12/31

Giorgio Moroder

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name / artist
Proxima Centauri / Nicolas Chenard
C’mon Letz Work / DJ Haus
Supernature (Edit) / Cerrone
Chase / Giorgio Moroder
I Feel Love / Donna Summer
Magic Fly / Space
Darkstar / Stuff
Rotterdam (Original Mix) / Nikolaj Schnur
I Want Your Soul / Armand Van Helden
151 (Kstarke’s Version) / Kevin Starke
Melchester Acid, Pt. 1 / Roy of the Ravers
Take a Walk (Si Begg Remix) / Bolz Bolz
Trail / DJ Jiggy
Baghdad Express / Underground Resistance
Valley of the Shadows / Origin Unknown

tob’s DGC Best of 2017!

(entry below was taken from tob’s post on ‘bboard’)

Below is a list of the Top 10 percent best Dubious Goals Committee shows of 2017. Don’t check the math. But do peruse the list and listen to these gems from the archive. Shows are archived by date, so pick a show and go to to listen!

Note: No best shows in January, but there’s a whole week of good stuff between June 30 and July 5. Enjoy!

2017-02-25 Blenheim Castle
2017-03-08 Chasing an owl around OPPD
2017-03-25 Off-road R/C racing
2017-04-01 Building a ROCKET BOAT
2017-04-15 Building a mechanical CW keyer
2017-04-22 Building an AM transmitter
2017-05-06 Marmot whistles caught on tape
2017-05-20 My latest simple game engine
2017-05-27 Mysterious device testing
2017-06-21 A tornado warning
2017-06-24 Building a pneumatic launcher
2017-06-30 thru 2017-07-05 Firing cannons, blowing stuff up
2017-08-06 Odd signage
2017-08-26 Graham crackers
2017-09-20 How to cheat at dice with door pops
2017-10-20 The Asphalt Paving Day show
2017-10-22 A close marmot encounter
2017-10-24 Dazzle camouflage in women’s fashion
2017-10-29 Muskrats
2017-11-04 Making my BBQ sauce
2017-11-08 Unboxing some thrift store finds
2017-12-19 Things that drive me nuts about Christmas (rants)
2017-12-23 Hanging out with reindeer

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aNONradio welcomes 2 new shows!

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Thank you all for your support!

From the Archive Episode 1 [ 2017-12-30 ]

From the Archive – Episode 01 – Electronic

Playlist of Top 10 Electronic Tracks (sorted by Most Interesting) on December 29th, 2017 at 17:00 UTC.

10 – Carol of the Bells, from the album A Very by the artist Live Action.

09 – Something Elated, from the Something EP by the artist Broke for Free
08 – Starling from the album Solo by the artist Poddington Bear
07 – Teget, from the album The Invisible by BITIPATIBI
06 – Haunted Keyboard, by simon_mathewson off the Some 4-track album
05- Hachiko (The Faithtful Dog) by The Kyoto Connection off the Wake Up album.
04 – O Tannenbaum from the album A Very which you may remember from track 10, the artist for this one is Dan Lerch.
03 – Christmas on Mars (Dance MIx) from spinningmerkaba.
02 – Night Owl by Broke for Free who had us jamming out back on track 9. This one is off of the Directionless album.
01 – Enthusiast is the title track on the Enthusiast album by Tours.

** – You Can Do It by Evie Sands off the Live at WFMU album.

intergalactic wasabi mix playlist – 2017/12/30


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name / artist
Adventures of Dama / Cybordelics
Brain Circuit Surgery / Glitch
No Fear / Yasmin Gate
Acid Rain / Milkovic feat. Bminimum & Sekonz
Turkish Testosterone (Original Version) / Adriano Canzian
Wildlife / Jasper
Invasion (Source Mix) / Korendians
Retroflection /
Kupe (Louis Irvine Remix) / Public Malfunxion
Corridor (Original Mix) / CLÄNK.
MAX (Original Mix) / Moshé Galactik
Chronicles (Ascii.disko Remix) / Mini
the way / vain
Fragments / Jamie Short
Airport / Jauzas the Shining
Send Me an Angel / Keoki
Why?? / Neil Essex

Tonite I featured a fellow aNONradio DJ’s, hardmous a.k.a. Korendians, original track “Invasion (Source Mix)”. hardmous a.k.a. Korendians’ show livestreams every Saturday from 22:00-23:00 UTC on He usually plays psytrance and Goa trance on his aNONradio show. I found out that he has made techno/tech house tunes as well and so I thought I’d play one of these tunes and it was awesome! Thank you hardmous! Check out hardmous a.k.a. Korendians on Soundcloud –>

intergalactic wasabi mix playlist – 2017/12/25 – techno

Richie Hawtin a.k.a. Plastikman
(Photo credit:

–> 🔊 listen to the audio
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name / artist
Spastik / Plastikman
Underground Thang (Version 1) / Blake Baxter & Marc Romboy
Tribute (Dj Rolando Remix) / Cyrk
Switch On / Mecco
Real Life / Jeff Mills
Earth 2 (Mix No. 2) / DJ Fredy
The Sound of Ultimate B.A.S.E. / Stone Circle
The Fuze (Loophole Mix) / Jeff Mills
Ganymede / Omar S
Three Drives on a Vynil (Cyber Remix) / Greece 2000
Darkness Energy / Vnqualified
Jas010 / Jasper
Time 4 Attack / DJ Viriato
Grey Colour / A.Paul
Irritierender Traum / Chapperché