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Listeners of the Stokesauce Radio show you will be familiar with some of the interesting ideas and music I’ve been sharing between songs.

In episode twelve of the Stokesauce Radio Show, I tell a story about how much more productive I’ve become since I dropped my phone into the ocean. Yeah I’ve been without a phone for nearly two weeks and it’s been amazing

In episode eleven I speak of the current live music in my neighbourhood about what it is and what it could be. I share great music and some other ideas. I tell more stories about my music releases.

In episode 10 I speak about recording trumpet, relaxing at the beach. Some thoughts about using time well. How could you possibly go wrong with the sorts of music you’ll hear on the SSRS?

In episode 9 of the SSRS I’ve been helping my friends with their various productions, thoughts about emulated synthesizers and the importance of routine. More class A music and my thoughts about “Later with Jools Holland”.

In episode 8 * 2021-06-08 I share thoughts about Art, a visit over to the next village, making music, being busy or not busy! my AKAI synth/midi controller, and as usual, we let’s get into some music.

Stokesauce Promo August 2021 on Toobnix

If you’ve missed previous shows then here’s your chance to tune in and get a splash of good tunes, thoughts and ideas.

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Tune in at exactly 0000 UTC you may discover another song or two you’ve may not have heard before or another option would be to dig up some of my past episodes in the AnonRADIO archives.

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* The Stokesauce Show has moved over to 0000 UTC on Tuesdays, which I hope will bring Stokesauce closer to a US audience, while my Australian listeners will probably continue to listen in the archives.

Chasing the Wind – an original I wrote in 2017. We played this yesterday in Noosa, Queensland at a brewery called Heads of Noosa. (June 2021)