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Join me on the Stoke Sauce Radio Show today, Tuesday the 7th of September at 00:00 UCT as we begin over 24 hours of online celebration.

Stokesauce will begin the celebration of 25 years of #aNONradio Internet streaming.  I intend to propose a toast at exactly 00:19 UTC Tuesday so be sure to bring a #BEVERAGE of some sort or another

The online festivities celebration will continue for over 24 hours 

There will be 8 hours of OpenMic opportunity. @sdf  

Yeah that’s right! – aNONEradio has been around for 25 years today.

A big fun day starting at 00:00 UTC on Tuesday the 7th of September 2021 on (The 25th Anniversary Special Edition)

EP17 – 7th September – 2021-09-07  – (The 25th Anniversary)

Stoke Sauce Radio Show

Todays Set List – 7th September 2021

000017:Your Host Talks
000554: Me Myself and Dollar Hell – Mild High Club
000916:Your Host Talks
0011028: Kingo Hamada  – (Moon)
001527:Your Host Talks 
001904:Stokesauce proposes a toast to SDF
001956: Young Americans – David Bowie
002505:Your Host Talks
002520: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da – The Beatles
002914:Your Host Talks 

Past Episodes – The Stoke Sauce Radio Show

EP17 – 7th September – 2021-09-07  – (The 25th Anniversary)
EP16 – 31st August 2021 – 2021-08-31 
EP15 – 24th August 2021 – 2021-08-24 
EP14 – 17th August 2021 – 2021-08-17 
EP13 – 10th August 2021 – 2020-08-10
EP12 – 3rd August 2021 – 2021-08-03
EP11 – 27th July, 2021 – 2021-07-27
EP10 – 20th July, 2021 – 2021-07-20
EP9 – 13th July, 2021 – 2021-07-13
EP8 – 6th July, 2021 – 2021-07-06
EP7 – 29th June, 2021 – 2021-06-29
EP6 – 22nd June, 2021 – 2021-06-22
EP5 – 15th June, 2021 – 2021-06-15
EP4 – 8th June, 2021 – 2021-06-08
EP3 – 1st June, 2021 – 2021-06-01
EP2 – 25th May, 2021 – 2021-05-25
EP1 – 18th May, 2021 – 2021-05-18

Be sure to check out these others too.

Stokesauce 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Listeners of the Stokesauce Radio show you will be familiar with some of the interesting ideas and music I’ve been sharing between songs.

In episode twelve of the Stokesauce Radio Show, I tell a story about how much more productive I’ve become since I dropped my phone into the ocean. Yeah I’ve been without a phone for nearly two weeks and it’s been amazing

In episode eleven I speak of the current live music in my neighbourhood about what it is and what it could be. I share great music and some other ideas. I tell more stories about my music releases.

In episode 10 I speak about recording trumpet, relaxing at the beach. Some thoughts about using time well. How could you possibly go wrong with the sorts of music you’ll hear on the SSRS?

In episode 9 of the SSRS I’ve been helping my friends with their various productions, thoughts about emulated synthesizers and the importance of routine. More class A music and my thoughts about “Later with Jools Holland”.

In episode 8 * 2021-06-08 I share thoughts about Art, a visit over to the next village, making music, being busy or not busy! my AKAI synth/midi controller, and as usual, we let’s get into some music.

Stokesauce Promo August 2021 on Toobnix

If you’ve missed previous shows then here’s your chance to tune in and get a splash of good tunes, thoughts and ideas.

6ix 2021-06-22 | Seven 2021-06-29 | 8ight 2021-07-06 | 9ine 2021-07-13 | Ten 2021-07-20 | eleven 2021-07-27 | TWELVE 2021-08-03 

Tune in at exactly 0000 UTC you may discover another song or two you’ve may not have heard before or another option would be to dig up some of my past episodes in the AnonRADIO archives.

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Sign up if you want to stay in touch, it will be Infrequent notes about art, music and literature. I produce and compose music, and Stoke Sauce is a way of documenting my journey, things I’m learning about and want to share with friends. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, subscribe to follow.

* The Stokesauce Show has moved over to 0000 UTC on Tuesdays, which I hope will bring Stokesauce closer to a US audience, while my Australian listeners will probably continue to listen in the archives.

Chasing the Wind – an original I wrote in 2017. We played this yesterday in Noosa, Queensland at a brewery called Heads of Noosa. (June 2021)

Stokesauce and the Vanilla Thriller

In episode seven of the Stokesauce Radio Show I tell a story about my first car “The Vanilla Thriller”, a classic 1982 Toyota HiAce Campervan which I bought it for a song, or rather a few songs since it was paid for with my busking money.

If you’re interested, the story of what it was like driving the “Thriller” appears in Episode 7 – 2021-06-29 of the Stoke Sauce Radio show, exactly 19 minutes into the 30 minute show.

The Vanilla Thriller 1982 Camper Van

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Stokesauce highlighting interesting music, art, demos, spacejunk, ideas, and anything else that takes my fancy, scheduled to launch on the 18th May 2021.

It’s a movement, a journey, it’s a lot of fun. I may crash the plane, but I’ll just get out and jump into a new one.

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