ASFO 2022–08–06

My plans for the upcoming World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago, revealed! Also, two new films ; worries about the inexplicable Russian assault on the Zaporizhian Nuclear Power Plant, and the effect on world public opinion if something goes badly wrong there ; and a tiny bit of good news about the food supply.

Supplementary Shows

  • 2022–08–09 Continuing with Nuclear Energy and Alternatives : the conclusion of the Nicholson piece from last time ; Views on Plutonium Breeder Development and Deployment, by John E Gray (International Energy Associates Limited), a rather tedious item with lots of numbered lists ; and the beginning of Plutonium–fueled Fast Reactors as Secure Fuel Cycles, by Bernard I Spinrad, Oregon State University. I am doubtful a reactor can itself be a “fuel cycle”, but aside from that, he seems to have some good things to say.
  • 2020–08–12 Somehow I convinced myself to start the Spinrad piece over from the beginning. And in the process, I managed yet again to almost finish it, running out of time before the final paragraph.

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