ASFO 2022–07–30

Financialization, the scourge of the modern world ; a distinction between directed and undirected growth ; “lifestyle environmentalists” ; why the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” is unlikely to do anything useful ; a brief animadversion on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ; and a mention of the situation in France (will have to get back to that next week).

Supplementary Shows

  • 2022–08–02 More from Nuclear Energy and Alternatives : Perturbation of Normal Economic Developmen by Disturbance of Energy Supply, Höcker and Rühle ; and The Necessity of Nuclear Power, one of two papers in this collection contributed by Hans Bethe.
  • 2022–08–05 From the same source, The Plutonium Fuel Cycle : Some Practical Considerations by Joseph Dietrich of Combustion Engineering, and most of Plutonium Fuel Cycle : Technical and Economic Constraints by RLR Nicholson, UKAEA. Plutonium is not a dirty word!

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