ASFO 2022–05–07

Who pays for your power? What have we learned from Chernobyl, and what does that have to do with airlines? How do we make the human the focus of a machine civilization? Where and when can you watch my newly–transferred films? And why do I keep buying light bulbs? All this and more in a sizzling new episode with an experimental audio setup!

Supplementary Shows

Cover of ANALOG magazine, 1968 January, showing a rocket exploding on the launch pad (a photo, not an illustration)
Cover of ANALOG magazine, 1968 January : NASA photo of the catastrophic launch-pad explosion of the Atlas-Centaur 5 launch vehicle
  • 2022–05–10 “The Bugs that Live at -423 °F : The Problem of the Centaur Development” by Joseph Green and Fuller C Jones, Analog, 1968 January (not complete, it’s a long article)
  • 2022–05–13 Contrary to all expectations you may have of me, I actually finish the article from the previous show, with about a minute to spare.

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