Sounds of Synergy – 2024/05/29

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  • Skrillex feat. Bobby Raps – Leave Me Like This
  • Etnik – Stealth (Rynecologist Remix)
  • Rawtekk – Arden (2023 Remastered Version)
  • Habstrakt, Bellecour – Lasagne
  • Destructo & Wax Motif feat. Vanilla ACE – Beatdown (AC Slater Remix)
  • aran – Ideology
  • Culprate & Torqux – Drop
  • Candyland, DirtyRock – Four Loko
  • Margo Gontar & Brighty – To The Outer Space (ESCape Remix)
  • Feed Me – To the Stars
  • UFO Project – Change Your Way
  • BlackGummy – Lullaby

ASFO 2024–05–25

Can I solve all the problems of the Japanese economy? Absolutely not. But I might make a few suggestions as to how to reduce fuel use, to the benefit of the balance–of–payments and the value of the yen, and at the same time relieve the pressures that drive people from the rural areas to the cities. Also, US Customs and Border Protection leads me to talk about the problems of Internet social media, which is usually far off my path, and make comparisons with other forms of communication ; and a little bit of capitalism and its discontents. Also, a final version of blast №1 is now available (with extensive commentary).

A link about rail freight in Japan

Supplementary Show

2024–05–31 From The Fast–Neutron Fission Breeder Reactor, the Proceedings of a discussion meeting held 24 and 25 May 1989, reprinted from Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London (Series A) : Introductory remarks by RS Pease, FRS ; The science of fast reactors and why it has been studied, by G Vendryes (CEA) ; and just the first little bit of Engineering and design of fast reactors by M Köhler (Interatom). Unlike The Breeder Reactor, this is not intended for a general audience, but as it is meant for the non–specialist, at least parts of it should be reasonably accessible, and those are the parts I mean to read for you.

“Journey to Amtrak”

This is another one of my “grievance readings” of books discarded as a result of the Fort Worth city government decision to close the Central Public Library and sell off the land to real–estate developers. To me, this is on a level with the decision to close and demolish a public–housing project on the edge of downtown (convenient to jobs! even without a car!) and sell the land for a new Radio Shack headquarters… the company went bust and the complex stood empty for years, before being taken over by the community college district.

Be that as it may, this slim volume, subtitled The year history rode the passenger train, is a photoessay collection of the last days of railroad passenger service in the USA leading up to 1 May 1971, when the National Railroad Passenger Corporation took over. So you get to listen to me reading text written to accompany photos which you can’t see. Perhaps not my best choice of material…

  • 2024–05–24 As I was not watching the clock closely, this recording breaks off very suddenly, partway through an essay by Harold Edmondson entitled “Sixty–Two Historic Hours” in Chicago.
  • 2024–05–28 In the latter half of this show, I manage to read almost completely through a table listing all the intercity passenger rail services as of 1971–05–01, leaving out only Union Pacific and Chicago South Shore routes on account of lack of time. I think I will call this “done”.

Objects In Mirrors Episode 14: “Mark Goes To The Weather Service” (2024-05-24)

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  • Beth Gibbons – Lost Changes
  • Dirty Projectors – Stillness Is the Move
  • Fever Ray – What They Call Us
  • Laura Misch – Hide To Seek
  • Oneohtrix Point Never – Long Road Home
  • Jarvis Cocker – Aline
  • Amon Tobin – Nova
  • Tim Buckley – Song to the Siren
  • Angel Olsen – Lark
  • Thievery Corporation – Let The Chalice Blaze
  • FKA twigs – Water Me
  • The Avalanches – Because I’m Me
  • Weyes Blood – Children of the Empire

Sounds of Synergy – 2024/05/22

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  • Aphex Twin – Avril 14th
  • Rawtekk – Seek
  • WholePunch – You Can’t Run So You Must Hide
  • Lorn, Dolor – THE GARDEN
  • Gridlock – Enzyme (dryft remix)
  • Venetian Snares – Ego DSP
  • False Noise – Wing
  • Noisia – Closer
  • unbecome111 – Neon Dephase Speedrun
  • BLKSMIITH – ghost//twin
  • IMANU – Monchou (ATRIP Remix)
  • G Jones – See Right Through
  • Machine Girl – Holy Ground
  • 2814 – Triad
  • hev – 2 inch tape recording
  • healspirit1 – just rains

Objects In Mirrors Episode 13: “Red Eye” (2024-05-17)

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  • Liquid Liquid – Cavern
  • Can – Vitamin C
  • Junior Byles – Curley Locks
  • Beach House – Master of None
  • Jorge Ben – Fio Maravilha
  • Helado Negro – Lotta Love
  • H-Burns & Bertrand Belin – La nuit est entrée en lui
  • J.J. Cale – Magnolia
  • Quincy Jones – Body Heat
  • Khruangbin – White Gloves
  • Gram Parsons – A Song for You
  • Sault – Wildfires
  • Amen Dunes – Baba Yaga
  • Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia
  • Suicide – Cheree