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LOW WIRE 11 20181124

A heady haze of doom metal, stoner doom and heavy psych. Thank you to everyone who tuned in live and if you missed it, check the archive to hear me trip over every second word I try to say: 201811242100_cat.mp3

[Song]                              [Artist]
Addicted to Black Magick            Dopelord
Dunwich                             Electric Wizard
Poison Apple                        Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Fire and Brimstone                  Beastmaker
Children of the Grave               Black Sabbath
Secular Haze                        Ghost
Women of the Wand                   Potion
Striped Dragon                      Witchthroat Serpent
Diabolical Dopenosis                Belzebong
Black Eyed Gods                     The Well
Light Years Beyond                  Electric Citizen

MTT 091 / Falling Stars

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2018-11-23:

  1. Aepiel / Nineteen 80  00:00
  2. Ali Khan / Space  03:10
  3. Holger Flinsch / Tenpres  07:42
  4. Model 500 / Starlight (Soultek’s Falling Stars Mix)  11:25
  5. Scape One / Escape To Paradise  15:39
  6. Il.Ek.Tro / Carbon Academy  22:18
  7. Numbercult / Entropy  25:06
  8. Microanut / Utopian Dub  28:21
  9. Herr Wacher / Heliopause  32:02
  10. Supreems / Stream Of Consciousness  36:29
  11. The Black Dog / Cost II  41:26
  12. Boards Of Canada / June 9th  45:03
  13. Supreems / Close Your Eyes (And Feel)  47:57
  14. Brian Eno / Fractal Zoom (Separate Time Full Length)  57:06
  15. Galaxy Toobin’ Gang / Friday Afternoon Toobin’  57:51

Direct link to the mp3:

LOW WIRE 10 20181117

I promised metal and metal is what we shall have: a solid hour of atmospheric black metal, as bleak and as dark as the cold depths of space!

I tried to transition out of the second-to-last track early but fat-fingered it a bit so there’s a second where the volume jumps around a little. No harm done though. As always, a sincere thank you to everyone who tuned in for the live show, especially people who normally wouldn’t sit through music like this, it’s nice to be able to share with open-minded people, even if they go away thinking “wow, I didn’t like that at all” hahaha.

If you missed it you can catch the archive here and I thank you for listening there too: 201811172100_cat.mp3

During the show I noted that there was another track that I would have liked to include but thematically it didn’t fit so instead I opted to play it during the OpenMic block. You can find the archive for that one here, in case you’d like to check it out, it’s really something: 201811180300_openmic.mp3

[Song]                              [Artist]
M20                                 Alrakis
.----                               Mesarthim
The First Point of Aries            Mare Cognitum
The Well of Stars Part II           Onirism
Cries of Dying Stars                Below the Sun
Aootw                               Hellébore
Last Breath                         Tomhet
Dark 4.18*                          Darkspace

* Was played during the OpenMic stream

MTT 090 / Galactic Patrol

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2018-11-16:

  1. Hadamard / Pioneers  00:03
  2. Andrea Parker & David Morley / Uninvited  01:23
  3. Kovyazin D & Moralez / Sunken Space Sea  04:23
  4. Sync 24 / Memory Bubble  08:38
  5. Subscriber / As If  11:24
  6. Plant43 / Bioluminiscent Trees  14:41
  7. AS1 / Step By Step  18:58
  8. Mandroid / Secret Scientist  21:58
  9. Simulant / New Machines  24:43
  10. Dopplereffekt / Scientist  29:44
  11. Morphology / Euclidean Structure  31:51
  12. Scape One / Cortical Zone  34:21
  13. Koova / Words Of Wisdom  36:06
  14. Morphology / Cobol  40:51
  15. Sirius 3 / Funk That Is  44:21
  16. Nec’Ro’Bot / Panic Suiside  49:04
  17. Pathic / Broken Branch  52:03
  18. Versalife / Ionization  57:17

Direct link to the recording:

LOW WIRE 09 20181110

Phew! One last industrial show before I switch over to a bunch of different kinds of (mostly hipster) metal and maybe some hardcore punk for the rest of November. Make sure stay tuned for that, sports fans!

Big thank you to everyone who dropped in and chatted in com and IRC, and if you missed the live show you can catch the archive here: 201811102100_cat.mp3

[Song]                              [Artist]
Protoplasm                          Out Out
Afterbirth                          High-Functioning Flesh
Lamer Exterminator                  Mind Teardown
I Promise You a Murder              X Marks The Pedwalk
Until Death -Us Do Part-            Front 242
Let Your Body Learn                 Nitzer Ebb
No Name, No Slogan                  Acid Horse
Do You Fear for Your Child          My Life With The Thrill Kill
Jet-Lag                             Severed Heads
Input Error                         Haujobb
Assimilate                          Skinny Puppy
Plusism.                            Prude

MTT 089 / Shockwave Rider

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2018-11-09:

  1. Erosion / 3  00:00
  2. London Modular Alliance / Tinker  02:00
  3. Scape One / Galaxy Of Funk  04:41
  4. Chaotic State / Cubic Rube  07:22
  5. Miotek & Salmz / First Contact (Sync 24 Remix)  11:00
  6. Dr. Futurist / The Möbius Strip  13:21
  7. Drexciya / Triangular Hydrogen Strain  16:05
  8. Morphology / Dalek Invasion  19:51
  9. Plant43 / Ubicomp Malfunction  22:55
  10. E.R.P. / Wisteria  27:10
  11. Gosub / Lost In Our Ways  30:43
  12. Dexter / Midnight Cruiser  36:10
  13. E.R.P. / Repose  39:26
  14. Vertical67 / Morphed Reality  44:25
  15. Robyrt Hecht / Time To Shift (Amper Clap’s Kit Kat Remix)  48:46
  16. Komarken Electronics / Expanded Consciousness  52:36
  17. Gescom / Motor 1  56:49

Direct link to the recording:

LOW WIRE 08 20181103

Thanks for listening! Archive: 201811032100_cat.mp3

[Song]                              [Artist]
Parasitic                           Psyclon Nine
Reflect the Enemy                   Flesh Field
Bitch (Defrag's Extraordinary       Defragmentation
   Skipping Glitch Mix)
Machinegun                          DeathBoy
Severance Package                   Cocksure
She Says it Feels Good              Accessory
Sensory Deprivation                 Cyanotic
P.S.I.                              Katscan
TV Fuhrer                           Martyr Complex
Hitech Lowlife                      genCAB
Tension Upon Tension (Hate Dept.    Bol
You Cannot Walk Here                Birmingham 6
Ghetto Blasphemer                   Rabbit Junk
Pleiadian Agenda                    Hanzel und Gretyl