LOW WIRE 08 20181103

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[Song]                              [Artist]
Parasitic                           Psyclon Nine
Reflect the Enemy                   Flesh Field
Bitch (Defrag's Extraordinary       Defragmentation
   Skipping Glitch Mix)
Machinegun                          DeathBoy
Severance Package                   Cocksure
She Says it Feels Good              Accessory
Sensory Deprivation                 Cyanotic
P.S.I.                              Katscan
TV Fuhrer                           Martyr Complex
Hitech Lowlife                      genCAB
Tension Upon Tension (Hate Dept.    Bol
You Cannot Walk Here                Birmingham 6
Ghetto Blasphemer                   Rabbit Junk
Pleiadian Agenda                    Hanzel und Gretyl

Author: cat

Lovely as a split lip, soulful as the city. Host of LOW WIRE, Saturdays @ 21:00 UTC on aNONradio.net