Zeptar Perspective

zeptarJoin me on Wednesdays at 20:00 UTC for my radio show  “Zeptar Perspective”. It’s two hours of my perspective on stuff and music along with guest host ‘tig’ and phone in callers.

The show is all about my life, my music that i like, computers and technology and how I feel about things going on in the world. Its kind of a stream of consciousness attempt at radio although I am considerate during the week about what I will talk about during the show with ‘tig‘ and guests.

Call in during the show at 206-299-2120 extension 1159 and get on air with me like handyc (Asia Culture Adventure) does or join me in ‘com’ on sdf.org so i can share and interact with you live during the show. send questions and comments to zeptar&metapath(dot)org and be sure to visit my new website every week to hear the archive of the show and special mixes and shows that i make.

I talk a lot about all kinds of things and I’m in to.

Good day sunshine! (a version of the sun logo that Opie Ortiz drew for the band Sublime.)

Plus all kinds of music and i dont play anything that I don’t like.


From Handel to Hardcore, from EDM to Rap, from Popular to Underground (im not into country music but i will attempt to find some that I might like as a way to grow musically)

The show and more are at zeptar.club

Peace & Love, Peace & Love!