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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 733 – 2019/12/31


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Peaceful Snow – Death In June
Atatawa – OOIOO
Hyperballad – Björk
Idioteque – Radiohead
Mushroom – CAN
Eternity for Theremin & Voice – Carolina Eyck
Here Comes The Warm Dreads ft. Brian Eno – Lee “Scratch” Perry
Speed of Life – David Bowie
Marsin Kanaalit (Dekorder 071) – Kemialliset Ystävät
Molly’s Lips – The Vaselines
Son of a Gun – The Vaselines
Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam – The Vaselines
American Woman – Butthole Surfers
Fusion Song (Le Syndicat Remix) – Controlled Bleeding
Drop Dead Killer – Kora
Children of Woods – Tabata Mitsuru

LOW WIRE 12 20181201

Power noise and rhythmic noise, thank you to everyone who listened, even though the stream drops constantly. If you missed it, archive is here: 201812012100_cat.mp3

[Song]                              [Artist]
Flower                              Converter
Limbic System Desintegration        Le Moderniste
4C69 7474 6C65 205A 205A 6973 7461  5F_55
Joy to the World                    Combichrist
Electronic Symmetry                 Geistform
Daichi No Musuko / Atatori Musuko   Nin Kuji
Mantra 1                            Merzbow
Fax                                 Professor Richmann