ASFO 2021–09–11

Another pre–recorded show, just to make it more convenient to include the audio from the speech I gave the previous week (also available on YouTube). Somehow, that leads into a discussion of plastic waste, fish farming, and the fresh water supply problem of the Lima–Callao megalopolis in Peru.

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ASFO 2021–09–04

Pre–recorded because I was attending pro–nuclear–energy rallies, first in the city center of Augsburg (where I gave an impromptu speech, with simultaneous translation), and then at the nuclear power station at Gundremmingen on the upper Danube. Turnout at the latter was quite poor, in part perhaps because of ongoing railway strikes. Anyway, I discuss the fission–fusion energy economy, food irradiation, the second worst civil power reactor accident ever (which you have never heard of), and a few other minor topics.

ASFO 2021–08–21

Space news (with a brief digression into “New Space” versus “Dino–Space”) and the value of having more than one string to one’s bow ; problems I would not attempt to solve using nuclear energy, with a little thought about setting priorities ; and just what is this pastoralism that I’m always inveighing against, anyway?

ASFO 2021–07–10

Gold, copper, value added, and the economy of Chile (with a digression into trains) ; the SpaceShip Two concept of operations, and Tim Pickens’ hybrid rocket motor ; the Karmann Line and the definition of “Outer Space” ― no, “explosive decompression” is not a thing spacemen have to worry about, unlike deep–sea divers ; and intellectual blind spots.