ASFO 2023–04–29

Space is hard. Everyone admits that. But, for goodness sake, if you will pay close attention to the mistakes people before you have made, you can avoid doing the same stupid thing! This post brought to you by watching someone lose a game of Lunar Lander at the Vintage Computer Festival Europe, when the recent private Japanese lander Hokuto–R appears to have been lost in the exact same way.

Supplementary Shows

  • 2023–05–02 More from Vignettes in Nuclear Medicine by Marshall Brucer, MD : completion of №11 from last time ; №12, The True History of Atomic Energy Revealed, which is quite the piece of storytelling ; and the beginning of №13, $ How Much $ ? — with a break between 12 and 13 to read Nuclear Power is Green Power, an editorial by John Gittus of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, printed in Physics World for January 1989. A mention of this piece in a clipping read in a recent ASFO show led me to inquire of the publishers, the Institute of Physics, who kindly supplied it.
  • 2023–05–05 Completion of Vignette №13, $ How Much $ ?, and all but the very tail end of №14, The Radium Bomb : How it Exploded Into (And Out Of) Nuclear Medicine. How do I manage that so consistently?

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